Opening to Love - New Angea Blend

Posted by Meg Shehad on

We all want to be loved. So why is it so difficult to find love? Once you open to love you become vulnerable. You risk being hurt. Most of us are holding two forms of hurt. One is aggressive as it yells at you and tells you how horrible you are and it will get you back. The other is more pitiful and feels a deep inner wounding that sighs and cries. Opening to love means opening to being hurt, but who wants to do that? Give me some protection please. 

Opening to Love is just about that. It helps us find that safe place within us that is able to risk being open. Once we are open, it is only a matter of time until love finds us.  Here are the oils:

Damiana Maceration - Indicates that there is denial of the ugly or dark side of life. You may only want to see what is good and beautiful. You may have forgotten or repressed feelings or experiences that you find mean or uncaring, especially of a sexual nature.

Hemlock Spruce - I am my own person. I am able to commit to someone or something without losing myself. I am free to be me while I am with you. I love you and you can depend on me.

Rose Geranium - Emotionally feeling afraid because this is a transitional time, confused, unsure of the future To feeling a quiet surety, courage, clarity, moving forward with confidence.

Rosewood - the premier oil for healing the wounded heart

Angelica Root - I love and I am loved. I serve my world and my world serves me. I grow in wisdom with each day.

Rose Absolute - The premier oil for self-love

Ylang Ylang - Can indicate that love is waiting for you. You may have been unhappy lately and feeling that love would never come for you. You want real love - soul mate kind of love. It is there and you can have it.

Sweet Orange - I may seem damaged in some way, but I will recover fully. Life is sweet and I am glad I am alive.

Melissa Maeration - Your reality may not be as beautiful or as nice as you would like it to be. There are times that we can do little about this. The best thing to do is just ignore it and find beauty and happiness where you can.

Myrrh - This oil will help you ground the above principles into your life and body. This also suggests that as you open to love that you are helping the world to open to love.

Sandalwood - Can indicate that you denied yourself and overly disciplined yourself so that the love of doing or sweetness of life is not permitted. You now want to open to love.



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