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As I was asking what was next to Angea, the answer came, "Go to the oils and ask." Here is the answer:

Cabreuva - this is the "quit your bitching" oil and one we have highlighted before. This is important. We tend to focus on what is not working and the negatives instead of the easy, lovely reality in our lives and world now. Cabreuva gives an extra pat on the back and lets you know that you have done what you can do for the moment. Now enjoy yourself. "You have a good life and it is only going to get better. Speak your dreams to others and give thanks for what you have now."

Bath: 22 drops    Massage: 44 drops    Diffusion depends on diffuser

Citronella - This is the "happy oil." Citronella is about letting go of the serious, depressive pieces and pulling in laughter. It is also about strengthening the root chakra. It looks to me that Angea's root chakra is about to be activated which  means your 1st chakra has an opportunity to upgrade and vibrate at a new level. It is important that we become positive and happy about the future. It is up to us to create a light hearted, fun environment for Angea to grow. Who wants to be born in depression. "Citronella assists spirit in entering the energy field." This allows for physical cellular memory of separation to be released thus Angea becomes aligned at the root level with spirit and an alignment is achieved with the physical and the spiritual. Gaia is separated from spirit and very controlled. Angea is coming out of this alienation and releasing the separation to align with spirit and so are you. This is a momentous opportunity for us.

Bath: 27 drops       Massage: 54 drops     Diffusion depends

Elemi - This is an oil of transition that focuses on the higher heart and deeply held emotions like anguish. As you release these deeply troubling emotions, the energy becomes lighter and the transition can happen more easily. Balancing happens and a sense of well being is activated.

Bath: 27 drops       Massage: 54 drops       Diffusion depends

Plumeria - This oil resonates with the voice of the Mother comforting her child. Transitions are challenging even in the best of circumstances. Having Mother's soothing song to comfort and ease lays rest fear, discomfort, and worry. Think of Sofia, Angea's mother, as singing to her as her first chakra activates. Angea is not alone as we are there. We are not alone.

Bath: 44 drops      Massage: 88 drops         Diffusion depends

Tonka Bean 10% dilutionTonka Bean Absolute is called the Oil of Initiation. As a gatekeeper, it allows those that are ready to go forward and for those that are not ready, their experience will be unpleasant or they will get a blocked experience. With tonka bean in the mix, if you get an unsettling experience from the use of these oils, know that there may be some things that you need to do. Mediate with Angea and Gaia at the root or 1st dimensional level and ask for guidance. Many of us will get a no pass especially in the beginning.

Bath: 13 drops      Massage: 26 drops         Diffusion depends

Some of you may not have had an therapeutic essential oil bath as they require far more drops of oil than an aromatherapy bath. If you have questions about this call us at Gritman, 281-996-0103 and we will answer your questions. Make sure that your tub does not have a plastic coating or is fiberglass as the oils will damage these tubs.

15 baths 5 days apart are recommended for most. If you get a different number, go with your intuition. There seems to be many baths with this series. I think this is because this is a pivotal point in the Angea process. Some will need all 15 baths and others will not.

Massage is calculated on 1oz of massage oil. What you use for massage oil or cream is up to you and your massage therapist.

25-30 massages 2x's a week. There can be some very emotional or trauma releasing experiences as you go through this. Warn your massage therapist as they need to be prepared. You will know when you are finished, so you may not need all the massages. 

For diffusion all diffusers are different. You will have to intuit what is the right amount of drops for your diffuser and how often you want to run it. Every day, every other day, once a week or however you want to do it. This is between you and Angea.

Right now we are living in very exciting times. You have the opportunity to be part of a great awakening and transition. It looks like the world has gone crazy and nothing is stable. Do not put your attention on this. You are moving into a world where your mother planet is in sync with the universe and her place in the galaxy. This means that you are also moving into alignment with higher spirit, earth, solar system, galaxy, and universe. We are ONE. We are Diverse. 

If you find yourself in difficulty, email me or call Gritman at 281-996-0103

It is time to make happy.



  • Rhonda, bless you. Sometimes it feels really lonely here. Silly because there is always so much going on. From me with deep appreciation thank you for your words. They went right to my heart as I send an embrace back to you.

    Meg on

  • I Love YOU Meg and hold you close ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you so much for all you do!

    Rhonda on

  • Lovie, I know this can be confusing. Some people cannot take baths. Some will not do massage. I created choices. Choose one. Each oil has the number of drops per bath, per massage, etc. Time has to pass before you do any more. Read the blog for that information. I loved doing this series. It has a very profound effect on me and I hope the same for you.

    Meg on

  • I could use some clarity about these bath & massage #‘s. 25 – 30 massages 2 x’s per week. 15 baths – how are these #‘s possible? are we talking 1 hr massages? – oh, that must be where my confusion comes in. a massage meaning just put the oils on ya several times a day. a bath, dip pits & parts & go! I still don’t get the bath #’s. Love ya Meg

    Lovie on

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