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There is a special Tea Tree growing in Australia. It produces an extraordinary essential oil. It is difficult to find and it has a very special chemical profile. Tea Tree or Melaleuca has a very medicinal scent, but this melaleuca has notes of lilac and linalool (lavender). It is not used like Tea Tree or Niaouli, its sister plant. Nerolina is used more to comfort, revive, and support. We are finding ourselves dreaming about our lives to come and of the days when we will be able to get out and live a life within our community. Nerolina is a good oil to use when meditating especially if you are wanting to integrate dreams into reality. 

Nerolina supports the intuition or our ability to know without knowing how we know. We just know. For many people born with high intuition, they can be shut down, as we often do not understand or fear this ability. For the children that have suffered this shut down, Nerolina can revive their talents or support them to rediscover themselves. Knowing through research and science is very valuable, but so is our sense of oneness with the universe and being able to know to just know.

Facing problems with no evident solutions as we are to today is so challenging. The ability to comfortably navigate this world knowing that you will know what you need to know when you need to know it. That is a mouth full, but basically it means that the world is just where it needs to be and your understanding of why it is is just not important right now. Be secure that everything is just the way it needs to be. Confidently move about your world and this does not mean not wearing a mask. When the world is ready, it will let you know through others, music, readings, dreams, mediation, hunches, flashes of insight, or just knowing that you know. It allows you a confidence to be yourself and know that you are fully supported by the universe.

If you find yourself unsure or scared, it is a great oil to support you through these feelings. Free floating anxiety can settle into confidence even though you may not know what is going to happen. You will get that the world supports you and all will be fine. 

The special chemical in Nerolina is called Nerolidol, an alcohol that smells of lilacs. This alcohol can be found in Neroli and can be used in place of Neroli. With the high cost of Neroli, this is a good to know. There is also a high percentage of linalool which is found in lavender giving Nerolina its calming, reviving qualities.


  • First how is she emotionally? She can feel betrayed, angry, desolated, hopeless, helpless, and other emotions. The more you can identify the better your old selection. If you want to talk to me personally, email me at Diffusing this oil can uplift any environment. Getting into a warm, warm bath with the oil is also very helpful to kick start the process of recovery. I can only imagine how difficult this is for your granddaughter and so many other granddaughters. Being a grandmother myself and watching how difficult it is for mine, it can understand you deep feelings for this situation. We only want the best for our beloved children. Tagetes and Passion Flower can help this situation and we can talk more privately if you like. Meg

    Margaret Shehad on

  • How is the Nerolina used. My granddaughter is suffering from severe depression since losing her job a few months ago. She cannot seem to pull herself out of this funk. Will this help her, if so how does she use it?? Thx so much.

    Carlene Ashworth on

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