Making a Crystal Grid and Using Essential Oils

Posted by Meg Shehad on

Crystals are used to balance, align, and ground or stabilize. A basic crystal grid can be created to facilitate essential oil work. You will need seven quartz crystals. Each crystal is over one inch but no longer than six inches. The crystals should be of equal size. If one is three inches then all of them need to be close to three inches. If you use different sizes, program or ask the crystals to balance each other. Have the subject lay down on their backs. Put one crystal pointed into the ball of each foot. Then place the third crystal on the belly pointed down towards the feet. This creates a triangle that grounds. Now place a crystal pointing towards the top of the head and the next two pointing at the heart. These crystals are placed outside the body. This balances. One more crystal is placed on the belly with the point going in the opposite direction of the originally placed crystal. This aligns.

Ask the subject for their intention. Why do they want to have this healing? What do they want to get out of this process? Help them to clear up their thoughts and make it as clear as possible. One intention is better than many. Have them focus on their intention.

Now it is time to ask for essential oils. I find that intuitive selection is best here. Use a pendulum or other means to select the oils. This is a very personal process and often a trail and error method needs to be used before you find the best way for you. Some like to draw their hands over the oils making sure that you cannot see the names of the oils and see what draws your attention. Some oils may sparkle or light up while others may feel warm or cold. Depending on how you read the signals, will depend on how to make the selection. I have a friend that calls it her spider talent that allows threads of light to connect from her fingertips to the oils that are to be chosen.

As you read the definitions from the Gritman Guide paying particular attention to the mental, emotional, and spiritual uses, place the oils where you feel guided usually within different chakra points. If in doubt, you can place at the bottom of the feet. As the definitions are read, awareness often comes. Then just lying within the crystal or mineral gird may be all that is needed. More stones can be placed on the body or in each hand. It depends on what the situation needs.

Intuitive work cannot be validated. That becomes the major stumbling block especially for people who want this to be scientific. This is different and has it own way of coming up with the truth. Each one of us has a different perspective and therefore a different truth. There is no right or wrong here.


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