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Humans on this planet have been granted the power of free will. Simply said, you have the right to decide for yourself, but not others. It is the not others part that gets us in trouble. We want what we want and we often need others to get us what we want. So we are left with the job of convincing people of our wants and needs over theirs. You become a leader of some kind like a religious leader, human rights leader, political leader, create a go fund me page, etc.

 This Earth at 3D is considered a manifestation zone and therefore it has free will to create, discover, make mistakes, learn, fail, prosper, and the list goes on. With millions of people deciding at every moment what they will do and will not do, it can become confusing especially if you want the people to work together as a group. There is greater power in groups of people working for the same aim. If one person could control large groups, they would have large amounts of power.

 Democracy is a group of people that rules over by majority or it used to be that way. Getting your way was not always possible, but you agreed to go along especially when you could not get the votes to see things your way. Trying again next time was the rally call. Now the LIE is being used to convince people of their point of view.

 Putin lies to the Russian people that he is freeing Russians from the Nazi’s in Ukraine. They hear no other voice and believe and give their support. Judges will take women’s rights away when they believe that they are saving women from murdering babies. People will storm the capital if they believe they are saving the election. All of this is happening because of LIES.

 Why are we being lied to? The power of choice – free will is very potent. We used to enslave people and take their free will from them. Slaves cannot choose and must do as they are told. We started not needing slaves with the Industrial Revolution and now with Artificial Intelligence. People do not need to work as hard and can have more free time to do as they choose. How to manipulate them to do as you want? How do you maintain your power? Right now the lie is the way to maintain control. Tell them whatever they will believe to get the people to do what you want.

Is it time for you to wake up and examine your life to see how you have been controlled by others? It starts as children when you must do as your parents decide. It starts when punishment is put into the mix and you are afraid to learn or fail for fear of punishment. It starts when you go to church and are told how to be good and if you are not good, you will go to hell. Then you need to have a home, a car, an education, and credit cards which you will need to pay off over time. Now you have debt. Debt is the new form of enslavement. All that free time that you thought you were going to have is now taken up in paying the debt.

 Who is controlling you? How are they controlling you? Can you wake up to the fact that what you believe may be lies? Is that possible?

 There are oils that can help. Essential Oils love to wake people up and bring them into free will or personal power. You can see there are many oils here. Which ones should you use? Are you intuitive or know some one that is? Ask them to go through this list or you go through it. You want to  know which oils do you use now to come into your free will, free mind.

 Next question is how do you use them? My personal favorite is the bath. Then there is massage, diffusion, and perfume or applying daily to the body. There are other ways of course and that is up to you how you use the oils. Call us 281-996-0103 or email us if you need our help.

 Here is the list of oils to help:

Anise Raven


Summer Savory

Black and hemlock Spruce


Sweet Annie (Wormwood)





White Thyme

Valerian Root

Rosemary Cineole


  • Perfect timing! Very insightful as always!

    Kim Tyler on

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful blog! And thank you for the list of oils, I will be incorporating them into my daily life ASAP

    Cynthia on

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