Dream Your Dream Into Existence

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                       Harmonious Bird Community here at Gritman 

Your future is it harmonious? What does your future look like? What do you want? Often these are very difficult questions to answer. We tend to wish for what we think we should or what we think we can have. What am I entitled to? It is selfish to ask for too much or just ask for yourself. Then we often take into consideration all the reasons why we can't have what we want. Nonsense to all of that. Your dream is yours and you can have whatever you want. Put it out there. Understand that that is your job. Make it clear what you want. Write down and say it out loud. The how of it is not your job. Wait and see how the universe shows up. It will.

Do you know what your soul's mission is. Why were you born? Surprisingly most of us are doing what our soul mission is. It can be as simple as raising a family or being bored, behaving terribly, experiencing pain, or suffering. Ugh! That may be necessary but it is not fun. Think of it as polishing the apple. You only got brighter and better for it. Right now there is tremendous pressure to create a future that advances not only you but the earth too. There are so many forces that want to weaken you and enslave you.  Earth is at a critical time as a New Earth is possible. It is created through the mind. You will create your world with your mind - your thoughts.

Cabreuva the stop your bitching oil has almost been a constant in this work. It would seem that many of us really do not believe that we have control over our destiny or have what we want. All we can do is complain about all the problems, pain, and suffering. It is our job to stop bitching and get on with the work of mentally thinking our world, our dream into existence. You can do it. You cannot stop the present world from falling apart, but you can create a world where you are not effected by the destruction.

It is important to keep your mind healthy. Do not put electronics on your head. Do not spent large amounts of time in front of a computer screen. Cell phones can consume you and weaken you. These phones can be  addictive  and you cannot live without one. Try living a week without your phone. Perhaps it would be easier to see if you can live without your phone for an hour. If you can't, you must seriously consider the harm you are doing to yourself. Spend more time in Nature.

Everyone has the right to be healthy, safe, creative, and enjoy love. Know that you have a right to be sustained by good food, live without fear, have mind blowing sex, and have a comfortable life style. Now it is up to you to fill in the details.

My Vision:

I want good food of which I like to cook and at the same time I would like others to cook for me. Sex is enjoyable and lots of fun. Holding hands, sitting close, talking intimately eye to eye, feeling the touch of skin and cloth create the intimacy that I want which of course is just foreplay. I want good energy and health. Living within a community that works together and lives together. For me it is about 12 people living here at Gritman. We all have jobs within Gritman and we also have plenty of time for creative pursuits. Sitting in the garden, exploring new interests, learning more about the plants and their healing powers. Being loved by those in my community while I love them. There will be times of conflict and disagreement but that becomes more time to expand and consider new ways of being. I want to be ever growing and open my mind to new and different ways of being. I want to be free while those around me share equal freedom. I would like to create mineral beds within the garden and allow Nature to create anew. Being close to Nature experiencing mutual respect and appreciation. I want to have more time to write a book about the Gritman garden on how to grow the plants and how to make medicine from the plants. Then of course the time to write a fifth and final addition to the Gritman Guide. I already enjoy a very satisfying job and working relationship. I would like that to continue. Sun is out and it is about 70-low 80's with a slight breeze. The world is comfortable and I am happy. 

Now what is your vision?

Visionary Oils:

Galbanum - It is the premier visionary oil. It strengthens the mind and allows you see the future.within probable realities. 

NutmegMy heart and mind work together as one. I am centered within my own being. I am able to clearly define myself within my world with wisdom.

They can help you if you feel stuck. 




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