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The Angean blends were designated as special blends that would only appear for a few weeks and then be gone. They were about getting ready for being within a new sense of Earth and Self. Becoming is constantly in a state of flow while nothing is permanent within the process but always changing. This flow has happened for the last year and a half until the blend Opening to Love. This blend has stayed on the web for almost six months now. Loving More is suppose to follow the Opening to Love blend and will be part of the new Love series that Gritman will be offering permanently. The flow is beginning to materialize. The dream, the wish, the desire is becoming real.:

This Loving More blend combines: 

Dark Amber - This amber does not refer to the resin of amber or fossilized pine. This amber mimics ambergris. Ambergris is sperm whale secretions that are found on the beach. Killing whales to get this rare substance is no longer done therefore it is rare so mimic blend is called for. Cistus or labdanum is almost always in the blend. The scent is a strong aphrodisiac. Love is felt within deep resonant spaces. 

Cade - We are all coming out of severe traumas. It is time to let them go and become new. Can we forgive your soul for needing such traumas? Can we get on with the job of living and finding our happiness without letting our trauma slip into our well being? Can we feel compassion for ourselves and others? We all have stories. It is time to stop telling them and redefine ourselves without the trauma.

Cypriol -  We are all made of elemental energy just as we are made of atomic energy. Medicine once thought health was about balancing the elemental energy in the body. If you had too much heat, then you needed more cold. Cypriol balances the elements within a energetic frame. The elements that make you you can become out of balance. Loving more is a balanced state so that the elements need to balance to support it.

Lavender Maceration - Balancing is important to the act of Loving More. Lavender maceration helps to balance the nervous system. It calms and relaxes so that the fundamental processing of loving can be supported easily and graciously.

Rosemary Verbone - Off with the old and on with the new. We can hold onto the old because it is what we know and are comfortable with no matter how painful or terrible. It is time to let it go and allow the new to create its memories to replace the old. Create out of the void and not the old abuse that feels so you. It may be a bit uncomfortable but we can get use to being happy, self-assured, and living our dream.

Tonka Bean - This is the oil of initiation. It supports new beginnings. If you have not completed your journey with the old, you will led to see what needs clearing. This oil is about supporting those who are wanting to start over new. This oil will leave you feeling encouraged to move forward even though you may not know where you are going. 

This is one unusual blend and was excited to see what would happen. I took a bath with the blend and found myself within a darken place with a gate in front of me. A being above me asked if I was ready to go through the gate. A discussion ensued around my father and then I decided to go through. As the gate opened, the light flooded through. It was a glorious experience. 

May you find your future within a loving frame.


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