Love Acceptant Blend Part Two

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As we look into our world, there seems like there is so much wrong and at the same time there is so much good. There is a way to view our current situation that will help us all to understand what is going on. As the earth wishes to elevate herself and at the same time provide for those that wish to stay unchanged, there is way to change with her.

Let's say that there are three groups of people. You can fall into any of them at any time. Once you recognize your position, you can recognize the challenges and what you need to do. I am going to use the storming of the capital as an example.

First group are those that stormed the capital, the offenders. Culture tends to move into finding fault and incarceration. Where is the offender's responsibility? Allowing them to repair the capital and working with the people they offended would be a better outcome than jail. We are not set of yet to do this. For now the challenge for the offender is to not blame or hold others responsibility for their actions. What they need to accept is their fears and angers that allowed them to be manipulated. Then as they accept their actions, they are then challenged how to redeem themselves. The culture will use fines, prison, and punishment, but the offender can rise above this. They can accept their role in the destruction and allow themselves to feel remorse as they see those that were hurt are part of their humanity. Without blaming others for their actions they can feel compassion towards those they hurt.

The second group is the offended: police, security people, senators, representatives, support staff, and all those that run and maintain the capital. Where is their responsibility? Do they seek therapy to heal their PTSD? Yes, they do and get  help to heal any fears or wounds they have. The challenge of the offended is not to become victims. Accepting your power within the situation and becoming empowered is the goal. Going after the offenders to punish then wastes precious time unless this is seen as a path to empowerment. Seeing the offenders as scared and righteous wanting to correct an injustice as they perceived it, is a noble goal. Seeing them as warriors willing to stand up and correct wrongs, allows you to view them from a different perspective. It is how they see themselves. You can identify with standing up for a noble cause. Once you can accept the offender as part of your humanity, you have another way of seeing them. Accepting them as part of humanity can allow you to feel compassion for them. You no longer need to blame them or punish them. Now you can see the problem and work it out together. Accepting your power and finding your compassion for the offenders allows you to live in a new world..

The third Group is the watchers or those that witnessed. Do they have a responsibility toward what has happened? Yes, they do. It is important to watch as unbiased as they can. Call for locking them up is not helpful. Calling for understanding and knowing why they did what they did is far more important. Making good guys and bad guys destroys the ability to understand what is happening and allows for punishment and shaming which is a waste of time. The watchers need to accept their own fears and feelings and see the whole scene as part of humanity. There is no separation. The watcher is one with the offenders and offended. If they can hold them as part of humanity attempting to work out some problem or fear without needing to see them as good guys and bad guys, humanity can advance.

A bunch of angry white males stormed the Capital. We are being told it is because the last President told them lies and got them all worked up. How was he able to do that? They were already mad and just needed someone to direct their anger. There is white male privilege in this country. It is not what it used to be. White men are losing privilege. Women, immigrants and minorities seem to be gaining privilege. Basically the men storming the Capital were angry about a way of life  that has been lost to them. Jobs that once were available are no more and pay checks that use to support a family are no longer there. High School education that used to guarantee a job no longer does. They believe that others are responsible for their experience and want to punish them. From this perspective, the attackers on the Capital were fighting for a way of life that was lost and hoping to redeem themselves through good deeds and standing up for their President. They like the rest of us want to live good lives with respect and dignity. Instead of blaming Congress for their problems and angry about losing a president that they thought would bring their way of life back, they need to accept the life they want is gone. Now they can move forwards new lives. Letting go of blaming others for their lives, allows them to once more be empowered to get on with living. Then as part of their world, how are we going to help them?

Love Acceptant is an essential blend. Essential for our personal growth as well as our national and global growth. It's time to accept the good and bad within ourselves, our culture, and our world. The first question is why must I be held accountable for things I did not do? I did not storm the Capital? I did not kill Native Americans? I did not put Asian Americans in camps during World War II? I did not put my knee on a neck and kill someone?  My people never owned slaves? How am I responsible for all of the problems? If you benefit from a society or way of life that discriminates or uses others to promote your way of life, then yes you are responsible. Being White means you have benefitted from a society that  What it is is recognizing that if you are white, you have benefited from a culture that holds white as special and better than deserving of special perks and favors. Whites have had better opportunities, educational, financial, home, and better treatment by the law and the police.

Where is your power? Is it in your skin color? Is it in your family's DNA? Is it just in your personal history? Things have gone wrong in this country and this world. Where is your power in it? Love Acceptant allows you to free yourself from your history especially your healed history so that you are no longer encumbered by what once was.

Then Love Acceptant allows you to accept what is and your part in it. For many it is easier to blame and be angry than to accept responsibility for the way things are right now. Accepting responsibility does not mean feeling guilty or shamed. What it means is that you are aware of wrongs and that you look into yourself and see if you have contributed or benefitted from the wrongs. You are willing to become a flexible, tolerant, within a changing world. 

We are in a period of deep awakening and upgrade. We are coming into awareness of slavery issues and the toll that this has taken on us and on the globe. We have become aware of the deep inequities between races and how the whites have been able to move up the financial ladder and the blacks have not. Whites had the idea that Blacks were just lazy or inferior. We lived in a free country with ample opportunities for all which has been shown to be untrue. Just as in 1919 after the world pandemic, white inequities between the haves and have nots were allowed to be addressed and many made huge gains and moved forward into prosperity. Women got the vote if you were white while a black woman would not truly get it until the 1960's. The Black experience has lagged behind the white experience which is now known and accepted by most. It is time to see the world as your home, your humanity. As with the Covid experience, we are in this together. 

You may diffuse this blend, use in bath work (Make sure your tub will tolerate essential oils), showers, massage, and wearing as a perfume. 

The oils in this blend are Rosemary Verbenone, Pine, Emerald Cypress, Fennel, Angelica Root, and Dark Amber



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