Kyphi Essential Oil Blend

Posted by Meg Shehad on

Kyphi oil is an ancient oil dedicated to the Goddess Isis. Within in her temple, many variations of Kyphi were produced. Often the season and what was available determined the blend of oils. Recipes for Kyphi are found on the temple walls at Edfu and Philae. This Kyphi blend can be blended with wine, honey, and raisins to make a paste. The paste can be used as incense. The oils can be burned.

Oils in the Gritman Blend of Kyphi are:
Frankincense Essential Oil
Benzoin Essential Oil
Myrrh Essential Oil
Cedar Essential Oil
Galangal Essential Oil
Cinnamon Essential Oil
Cistus Essential Oil
Juniper Essential Oil
Cypress Essential Oil
Copal Essential Oil


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