The Hidden Promise of COVID

Posted by Meg Shehad on

The hidden promise of COVID is that time lines are opening. The world will never be the same because consciousness is changing. New timelines have opened because people have reflected on their lives and have made changes. There are thousands of new time lines opening that were not present before COVID. Those moving to smaller towns from larger cities with the new consciousness that I can work anywhere. Think of the impact to future lives within those decisions. For those that changed jobs or refused to work for poor salaries. Think of the impact this makes to their lives. I am worth more than this. People who were in lock down because of COVID could witness the George Floyd incident and flood the streets to protest after a new sense of consciousness that we are all not given equal and fair treatment. We are living in a new world. Yes, the old world is still here, but the new time lines will have an effect on the world that is coming.

The old and the new exist together. There is crisis every where you look on all levels to the point that our collective existence is questioned. Will we survive? I grow essential oil plants. I am a gardener. My garden has been destroyed countless times. My garden is still here and I am still here. It is not the same garden but it is beautiful, healthy and flourishing. My old garden or the garden I started in 1994 is still in transition. It is no longer what it once was, but a new life is coming. So exciting to be part of this. So exciting to see what will grow and what will not. Life is going on but it is changing. COVID has allowed many to question where they are living, what they are doing, and what they are thinking. When they make these changes, new time lines open and new possibilities for the future are there. We do not understand nor see the future as yet, but it is there. 

Many different timelines are opening with new technology, earth based renewal, and opening consciousness. To be born within these times brings challenges but also great advantages. Through raising your consciousness, your values and beliefs will change. We once thought that everyone in America had the same opportunities. We are learning that this is not so. This changes the way we treat people that we once thought lazy to more emphatic and wanting to make life more available for all. We can open timelines that before were closed or unavailable. Now buying a house can be open to all.

How you play this out is up to you. The more options that are brought to us will allow more variety. Today we decide who and what we will be. We live our lives, so that tomorrow will be there.

A new blend is being formulated. It has taken months to get to this point and the blend is just not ready yet. Soon!


  • Absolutely profound and timely comments. Thank you for these insights!

    Ellen Rayner on

  • excellant blog, Meg very good thoughts for right now exactly where we ar. Thank you, Darcy

    darcy on

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