How Do I Protect Myself From the Coronavirus?

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The media is telling you that you need to be concerned about the corna virus and it will soon be at a home near you. The fear of a pandemic is strong. The first thing they will tell you is wash your hands with every contact that you make. Be careful of door knobs and other surfaces not just hand contact. For cleaning these refer to the Dormant Virus Control blog.

Washing hands needs to be done with hot water and soap for at least twenty minutes. You can decrease the time if you add essential oils to your liquid hand soap. The friction of rubbing your hands while you wash is also very effective. Tea Tree is probably the most commonly used oil for this. If you are caught out without a way to wash your hands, you can use tea tree all by itself and rub into hands or area you suspect is exposed. Tea Tree is safe to apply to the skin without carrier.

With washing your hands so much, you probably will want to use a hand creme. Gritman sells a lovely creme called Self-Heal which is good for chapped and damaged skin. The Calendula Creme is an all purpose creme and works with all types of skin issues. You can add other essential oils to this creme such as

Tea Tree – general all purpose anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial while gentle and safe to use

Sweet Basil –  stronger anti-septic than tea tree and a good immune booster

Bay – stronger anti-septic and stronger immune booster.

Protective masks are being used, but will probably not be available as supplies have been allowed to diminish. You can make your own mask with a cotton hand towel folded and essential oils dropped onto it. Holes made with a hole punch and ties to put around the face. You can always just hold the cotton cloth to you as you pass through places with people. Tea Tree and Sweet Basil are good oils to drop onto the cloth. 

Use these oils as you feel you need them. They are great in a bath or massage to improve immunity. Also the immune booster is a great blend for bath and massage to keep immunity up.

You need to be aware that there are two forms of the virus. One is dormant and the other is active. If someone has just coughed on you, this is active virus. If someone who is infected touched the door knob several hours ago this is dormant virus. Viruses can stay dormant for two days and still infect you.

You still want to go to the gym because you know that mild exercise is good for the adrenals and the immune system. But what about all that human contact? Before you leave for the gym, prepare a cotton cloth or paper towel with Dormant Virus Blend. You can place it in a baggy to protect your purse. Before using any exercise equipment rub down the machine at its contact points especially where the hands go. Use the same cloth to wipe down door knobs or contact points within the dressing room and the restrooms. The people that come after you will love you for doing this. One application like this will last for more than an hour.

Within your home or where there are infected people with the active virus, diffuse into the space oils high in ketones such as:

Rosemary –  use during the day as it works to protect you against active virus. Diffusion or use like a perfume. Best not to use close to bed time, as it is a mental stimulant.

Sage is famous for clearing negative energy and purging old emotional debris as well as protecting against active virus. Diffuse into home space but while out use like a perfume – behind the ears and on the wrist. When someone coughs on you, put your wrist to your nose to protect yourself.

Camphor is almost all ketone and one of the most effective oils to use against active virus. Diffuse into the space and use as a perfume.

Oils that are strong in ketones work to defend you against active viruses in the air and on your body. Oils that are strong in phenols help to boost your immune system and work to defend against dormant viruses.

Phenol rich oils must not be taken internally as they can damage the liver. They are also hot and cannot be applied to the skin without carriers.

Oils that are strong in terpenes tend to protect against viruses but are milder and safer in action like tea tree and most of the tree oils. Oxides like the Eucalyptuses also defend against viruses and very helpful within a room where people are infected and caretakers want protection. Eucalyptuses will help clear the lungs of the infected individual and defend against infection.

If you do not know the chemical class of an essential oil, refer to the essential oil on the Gritman website. Each oil is given a chemical classification. If you have the Gritman Guide to Essential Oils, you can use that to discover the chemical class of an oil.

If you cannot diffuse, then spray. When dealing with active viruses, do not include any alcohol in the spray; Use water only and 20% essential oils.  Shake before using. If you cannot diffuse or spray, wear as a perfume or under your nose. If applying to the nose, you must rub  a fatty oil like fractionated coconut oil to protect yourself.

When you have essential oils, the fear of virus is not as overwhelming because you have help that most are unaware. Be confident, be safe, and be well.


  • Thank you for all the information!

    Maria Barreiro on

  • Dear Meg, You are a beacon of light and calm and your information puts us in a positive, pro-active process not a fear based one. Thank you so much. Ruthann

    Ruthann P. on

  • I read both blogs. Thanks Meg! I always appreciate receiving your emails. I feel confident when using Gritman E.O.’s. One of these days I’m going to get to Texans and meet a all you lovely folks!

    Nancy Pocklington on

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