Viruses, Emotions, and the Immune System

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Right now we need a strong immune system that will protect us from viruses. Candace Pert's work in Molecules of Emotion shows that there is an emotional connection between certain emotions and a weak or strong immune system. Specifically, the three pillars, Mental, Emotional, and Immune.

When we feel down, sad, or less than, our immune system is also down. When we are happy, content, feel good about ourselves, our immune system is also up and stronger.The three pillars are linked, and move together. Laugh therapy does have an effect on health.

There are so many things that can scare us. worry us, and traumatize us. Will there be enough money, will I lose my job, will I lose my health, will I or someone I love die? In these times of deep concern and political unrest, many of us are down, concerned, worried, and just plain scared. This has a downward effect on the immune system. How do you stay up under these  circumstances?

Pretending that our worries, scares, and problems are not there and shoving them into the closet will work; but, just for so long. It takes energy to keep them shoved in the closet. They seem to want to shove back and come back. This in and of itself weakens us. What's in your closet?

When we started Gritman, we noticed that we were terrified. Everyone told us that we were idiots to be putting our retirement money into a business that would surely fail. We believed them to a certain extent but wanted to believe in ourselves more so we took the steps to create Gritman. We played a game with each other to see if we could stay out of fear for five minutes. Most of the time we lost but sometimes we could. We built on the five minutes to be ten minutes. Then we went for thirty minutes and then an hour. Then a day went by without fear and we felt tremendous joy. 

Do you know why people become gravely ill after a loved one dies? Grief is a powerful emotion and can lower your immune system. Pain of grief can be intolerable and the will to live can be lost. If a person has reason and will to live, they can counter the downing effects with their very thoughts and actions. You are in charge of your life and how it will play out. You may die if you so wish or you may live in a wonderful world fulfilling your dreams. You can, but at first it won't seem possible, so you fake it till you make it. It really works. Act as if it is, it will be.

Essential oils can help. They can have a powerful effect on your state of mind.

  • Lavender, Bergamot, and Passion Flower can help you sleep and quiet the mind.
  • Tangerine, and Ylang Ylang can aide your intuitive powers, helping you become clear about your future, and the steps you need to take.
  • Cardamon, and Emerald Cypress help  protect when you are vulnerable or unable to take charge of your life.
  • Clove, Lavender, and Lanyana can help you clear the negative energy in your field so that staying up is easier.
  • Tagetes, and Sandalwood help you stay positive on difficult days. A bath, or diffusing oils can help you stay in a better place as well.
  • There will be days when you just seem to fall a part. It happens; but, you can pull it all back together again with Tolu Balsam, and Gully Gum Eucalyptus.
  • Gingergrass, and Himalayan Cedarwood help when we just need to get away. Take a break; Retreat. Take a nap, leave the space, take a walk, or set up a tent in the backyard and just be with nature. Do it. You do not need to be up all the time. 

working with your feelings will only make you stronger. It is keeping them in the closet that makes you weaker.

Whatever comes your way, let it come. Experience it and keep telling yourself that there is more to come. Allow the emotions to be and let them run their course. Stopping an emotion is like  holding the waters back when there is a crack in the dam. Imagine all the energy that it takes to stop your feelings. Just feel scared. anxious, dread, worry, grieved, or whatever you are holding back.

What about all the stuff you carry about the people that have done you wrong. You have plenty of reasons to have your feelings. You may be wrongfully accused or treated badly. You may hate and want revenge. If you carry resentment and what to correct the injustices, just think about all the energy this takes. Living free of all of this will help you become stronger and more energetic.

If you look at the Gritman Guide, you will see that each oil likes to deliver a certain message and a certain way to heal. All oils will work with you and do their best to serve you, but they seem to enjoy certain niches. Essential oils move emotions. If you are at that place and want to start moving some of those emotions in your closet, get with a spiritual aromatherapist and get an essential oil reading. Call Gritman and make an appointment with Meg and she will help you find the oils that you need at this time. 

Oils are a amazing friends and can help you get stronger by lifting out or helping you deal with all that stuff in your closet.

So think positive, become healthy, and be happy.


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  • Peace, Harmony, Laughter and Love
    & the greatest of these is LOVE
    altho – when FULLfilled with Love – the others are Divinely attached
    so, yeah baby, connect with our oils, connect with LOVE, create ritual
    and of course, there’s ALWAYS GOOD TIMES TALKING WITH MEG

    Lovie on

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