Gaia and Angean - What is the Difference?

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Kissed by a Mantis

Gaia is a Goddess and the name for Mother Earth. Angea is not a goddess but she is still your mother. Gaia looks after us as a Mother looks after her children. Angea is a mother with grown children. She is still there for her children but in a different way. As you grow, your relationship with your mother changes. Remember when you found out that your parents did not know everything and were not the gods that you thought they were. Your world changed at that moment. Your parents could not be your everything. You had to grow up at that moment because you knew that it was on you to be there for yourself. Can you make the same switch from Gaia to Angea? Can you see Angea as your friend? Can you see yourself walking together as peers? How does this change your relationship with the Earth? How does this change your future on the Earth? 

In Gaia, Nature is seen as an all knowing power with Godly talents. Many worship nature and fear Her. In Angea, Nature is more of a peer or within a co-relationship. Nature as an all powerful energy deserves shrines and worship, but Angean wants to work with and cooperate with you.  Letting go of the Goddess Gaia also allows you to let go of the fear. Can you do that?

As Gaia often carried us through many overwhelming experiences and received sacrifice, tributes, and fear from us. Angea wants you to deal with your own trauma and overwhelming experiences and, yes, Angea can offer you help through bird songs, plants and all they provide. sunsets and sunrises, trees and all the many wonders they produce, pets, animals, and other biodiversity, but she is not going to carry you. The Earth is releasing all the pain and trauma that she once held onto. There was fear that we could not handle it. Gaia carried us. Angea will not protect us this way. Perhaps this is one reason why the world looks crazy right now. 

In the future you will be responsible for yourself. If you see friends or relations go to places that seem unreasonable to you, you need not reason with them. They have the right to that life even if you think they are wrong or have accepted lies. It is not your job to straighten them out or for them to straighten you out. If they tell you that they hate you because you will not agree with them, accept it. You do not need to hate them back or get into an argument with them. Lead your own life and be responsible for your happiness, your work, your family, and your beliefs. Find common ground if you can. You are not responsible for what others do or think and Gaia is still there for them.

We can all live in Angea without agreement or validation from one another. Granted it is easier to be with those that agree with you but it is not necessary to get along. Diversity of ideas, orientation, sexuality, and life style are all up to you. Angea is not an easy place to be because it can get lonely. Allowing others to be, can mean you are alone, but remember there is a vast community of friends within the Nature Kingdom. 

For years I have seen Angea as a baby developing out of our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, deeds, and feelings. I would rock the baby. I thought some time in the future she would grow up. Now I see that I was transitioning from one Mother relationship to another. The Earth is changing and is also in transition just as we are. She is becoming Angea, although there will always be a Gaia.  As I begin to accept my new relationship with the Earth, my whole orientation with the world and with myself changes. I am free to become me without needing to please my parents or other authorities. The person I need to please is myself. Angea is making that same shift. She had to be there for us and responsible for us. She is no longer and free to be who she needs to be.  That is our challenge in the future - can we create a relationship with Angea? Is this perhaps the flipside of global warming?  

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