Essential Oil and Mold

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What is FungalStat? It is a blend of natural essential oils. These include tea tree essential oil, oregano essential oil, thyme essential oil, and ajowan essential oil. It was specially formulated to help control fungus and mold.

Mold and Toxic Mold do I have them? Mold is always in the air and tends not to create a problem unless you are allergic to it. FungalStat can help keep your air within your home or car at levels that will decrease your allergic response or stop it. Recently the media has brought our attention to toxic mold, which are a few out of hundreds that can make your home unsafe to live. You must have professional tests performed to determine if toxic mold is in your home. is a company that tests for toxic mold. FungalStat can also help you defend against these molds, but more must be done with toxic mold to make your home safe.

Mold exposure may cause cold-like symptoms, watery eyes, sore throat, wheezing and dizziness, and trigger asthma attacks or respiratory problems. Toxic mold symptoms are more severe and can lead to brain damage. Toxic molds are very small and can easily be breathed deeply into the lungs, it is not safe to live in houses with high mold levels.

How to treat molds in your home? 

First you must determine where the water exposure is. Is there a leak? Mold cannot survive without some water source. Mold also needs a medium to feed off and this usually is some kind of wood product like paper, wallboard, wallpaper, furniture, and the wood framing within your house that you cannot see. The moisture source MUST be eliminated or mold will return. Use exhaust fans, fix plumbing leaks, reduce humidity, prevent condensation, and keep surfaces dry. If you have toxic mold, you will need to contact professionals to help in the clean up. Disturbing toxic mold without taking proper precautions can cause you harm.

Materials that have been exposed to water should be dried quickly as mold will grow within 24 to 48 hours. Porous materials should be thrown out or decontaminated if they were wet more than a day. Materials such as hard plastic, glass and metal can be cleaned and disinfected with FungalStat or with a 10% bleach and water solution. Do not use more bleach than this and do not mix it with ammonia.

FungalStat can be used undiluted or diluted. Never apply it to any surface unless you have tested it to see that it will not change the color or damage the surface. FungalStat cannot be used on Soft Plastic or wood with plastic finishes as it will dissolve the plastic. Diffuse FungalStat into the air for several hours for at least a week to clear the mold to safe levels. You can mist furniture or surfaces that you think might have a problem. Make sure that you test fabrics before applying to make sure that it will not disturb the fabric or color. FungalStat can be diluted in water or alcohol. Misting the air can give you 10-15 minutes of protection. For toxic mold, you will need a HEPA mask and professional help. Fungal Stat can also help you with toxic mold, but the source of the contamination must be found and eliminated; professionals with special equipment should do this. Do not try to remove Toxic Mold yourself unless you have this special equipment and know how to use it.

How to treat molds in your car? 
If your car has mildew or a musty scent, place a small glass dish of FungalStat in the front window of your car. Roll the windows up and place the car so that the front window is in the sun. Let the car sit for several hours. This will allow the heat from the sun to heat the oils gently and diffuse them through out the car. Repeat until the musty odor leaves. Make sure you remove the glass dish before driving in the car to prevent spilling. Misting the air will give you 10-15 minutes of protection. The source of moisture must be found and fixed or the mold will return.

What do you do if you have personally been affected by the mold and having physical problems? Contact a medical doctor. Regular mold reactions are usually treated as allergies. There are only 5 qualified doctors in the United States that treat Toxic Mold. Other doctors of course can treat it, but it is helpful if you can tell the doctor that you think it is toxic mold as this will prevent misdiagnoses. In children it often looks like hyperactivity or fatigue syndrome. Breathing the vapors of FungalStat can be very helpful especially if you are having respiratory problems. Massage with carrier oil and FungalStat can help relieve symptoms from fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and headaches. A Bath with a few drops of FungalStat can also help relieve symptoms. 

How can FungalStat help you? It can help protect you by stopping the molds from getting to high levels. FungalStat diffused properly through your house, sprayed on air filters and refrigerator vents, and used in areas that are damp like bathrooms and laundry rooms will help to maintain safe air levels. Used in a regular maintenance program FungalStat can help your home, and the people living within that home, remain healthy from mold contamination.


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