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Many of us are still  worried about the corona virus becoming epidemic. We now hear from the media that the flu virus can become dormant for up to eight hours and still infect you. Touching door knobs or surfaces that have come into contact with flu viruses hours after exposure can still pose a threat. What to do? The media suggests that you wash your hands frequently. This means that you scrub your hands with hot water for two minutes. Most of us do not do this. If you add tea tree and exotic basil to your liquid soap dispensers this will help dramatically. Only a few drops is needed.

Isn’t there something else we can do to help protect against getting the flu? Of course there is. Viruses can lay dormant by wrapping themselves in a cocoon of protein and fat. Dormant or cocooned viruses respond better to alcohol and phenol rich essential oils. Oils high in alcohols tend to be safe and can be applied to the skin without carriers. These oils are best used with the elderly and young children.

Alcohol rich oils:

   * Geranium – gives support to the adrenals and lymphatic system which strengthen the immune system.

   * Lavender – this oil will also help you relax as stress undermines the immune system.

   * Lemon Petitgrain – this oil will also help you to sleep which is a major tool for supporting the immune system.

Phenol rich oils:

A word of caution, phenol rich oils should not be ingested. Phenols are very hard on the liver and can cause liver distress especially if someone is on medications that weaken the liver like Tylenol. Phenols in the bath can be used in small doses and are good as inhalation and massage oils.

   * Cinnamon Leaf – This oil can also be helpful in preventing lung infection which often accompanies the flu.

   * Oregano – This oil is also a powerful anti-fungal and also good at clearing lung infections that are fungal in nature. If someone has a lung infection and is not responding to antibiotics, try oregano as the infection could be fungal.

   * Winter Savory – This oil is a powerful immune stimulant. It is very hot so carriers must be used if applying to the body.

Creating a spray with these oils and spraying onto surfaces that could be exposed to virus will help to eliminate dormant viruses and will help keep those in your environment safe and healthy. Using alcohol as the base of your spray will increase its ability to eliminate dormant viruses. It will not help with active viruses that might be in the air. This is when you use a spray that is water based. Water misters or diffusers can be very helpful in eliminating active viruses. Make sure that any surfaces you mist will not be damaged. Spraying directly on furniture that has a plastic coating will destroy the plastic coating.

Remember when treating viruses, alcohol helps defend against dormant viruses but not against active viruses. For complete protection you must protect against both active and dormant viruses. We will blog next on working with active viruses.

Gritman has created a Dormant Virus Blend and a Dormant Virus Spray for your convenience.  Do not spray into faces or the eyes. If this occurs, immediately us a fatty oil like olive oil, fractionated coconut oil, cream, or whole milk and apply to face or eyes. Blot with a cloth. Stinging will stop immediately as the oil absorbs the essential oils and is blotted away.

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  • Thanks for the article and the explanation of why these oils will work. I heard there’s an aromatherapist in China who has been using a blend which has seen some success. It’s for diffusing and or topical. The diffuser blend is: 2 drops Siberian Fir, 1 drop each of Eucalyptus, Thyme and Helichrysum Italicum. My guess is that it’s good for the lungs and killing viruses and germs.

    Robin V. on

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