Creating a Permanent Bacterial/Virus Boundary

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The University of Michigan has developed a product that can be painted onto surfaces to provide a bacterial/virus kill zone. The material consists of commonly used polyurethane plastic combined with tea tree oil and cinnamon oil. It can be painted onto surfaces that can take polyurethane which they suggest is door knobs, table surfaces, and other things that are commonly touched on a daily basis. The oils that would normally evaporate over time are sealed in with the polyurethane and there is still some molecules that are seeping through the surface that provide the bacterial/virus destruction. After time, the essential oils will be gone but they say a reapplication of tea tree and cinnamon refresh and the coating begins to be functional again.

Cinnamon is one of the very best bacterial oils while being a strong antiviral and tea tree is a low level anti-bacterial, antiviral, and antifungal oil. Other melaleucas like Manuka are much stronger than tea tree and perhaps a better oil to use here. It all depends on what you want protection from. Oregano is the best antifungal oil but also has strong antiviral properties.  

Star Anise is also another strong antiviral. This oil is often overlooked and commonly found in Chinese Cuisine. Star Anise contains a potent antiviral substance known as shikimic acid, which the pharmaceutical industry synthesized to create flu drugs. So much of what our pharmaceutical companies create are often inspired by plant medicine.

Of course I always recommend bath therapies in the warmest water that you can take. Then get out and sweat. Wrap yourself up in towels and drink water or fruit juice and just relax after the bath. The oils suggested here are mostly hot and care must be taken not to burn. If stinging begins in the bath wait for a few moments and if it does not subside then get out and apply a fatty oil like olive oil to the burning places. Get back into the bath but be careful as the fatty oil is slippery and you can fall. Make sure your bathtub does not have a polyurethane covering as this will be taken off by the oils. 

Diffusion is another great way to get the oils in the space.

This polyurethane method looks very promising to me. If anyone tries it, let me know how it goes. We are in this together.


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