Compassion in Angea

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As we look out our windows, we see hatred, isolation, alienation. No one likes the abuse of women, limiting the future of our children, lying being honored, and deep feelings of hopelessness, that things cannot get better.

So what can you do?

You become a person that honors humanity. Firstly you honor yourself. You become the person that you want to be, you take the lead. The very things that you dislike become a model for what not to be. 

These times bring an opportunity for growth, to become better. This requires our hearts remain open.

Being conscious, keeping our heart open to those that get caught up in hatred and extreme expressions, we understand how easy it is to hate rather than love.  It takes energy and effort to see the greater good. Mindfulness produces compassion.

As a conscious individual, you know the best course of action is to keep your heart open, knowing that returning anger for anger fosters separation rather than wholeness . Anger for anger is often an easy journey but with an open mind you can direct a different course. Yes, there are times when anger is the best course of action, but you consciously make the decision.

Having an open heart does not mean you take no side. Thus when hatred or lies come at you, holding a higher heart stance lets you hear others and calmly talk to them without being taken down by untruthful accusations or rageful rhetoric.

Become clear on what you value. What is important to you? Know who you are. Know where you can be emotionally engaged that will allow you to respond in angry or rage? This is an important insight for you. So take a moment and ask yourself what words would get an angry reaction from you?

Be steadfast knowing you create your own reality. It matters not what is going on around you. Hold your own course. You can navigate the worst of times especially if you open your heart. Find time to be in Nature and listen to the birds and insects. Feel the wind and smell the air. Here are the building blocks of your world. State what you love and what you dislike. State what you want to happen in your life. Nature makes no judgment and wants to know what you want. It cooperates with you to create your world. This is where your power is. Your inner world is your innernet. 

Find a way to have compassion for all those in your world. I truly believe that we all want to do good and that we want to be loved. liked, and cherished. In the beginning, start with yourself and then those closest to you. Love them all. From this center send your compassion out into the world. You may not be able to love everyone but there is a way to find compassion for all. That is the challenge: Find Your Compassion. 

I was surprised to see two blends appear for the new blend COMPASSION. This is one complex blend but seems appropriate for the issue. 

Clove Bud - Releases negative forms from the energetic field. Sometimes we seem unable to control our emotional responses. This can be because there is negative disturbances in the field. Clove Bud will release them. Because of this you must set up a sacred place so that this energy is handled appropriately.

Henna Absolute - Releases negative forms from the field especially the ones that make you feel not good enough. Allows you to appreciate your talents and bring out your creativity. After using, you find yourself glowing.

Rosemary Verbenone - Releases old thought forms that are no longer valid. It allows you to begin anew without any old encumbrances. Your life is what you want to make of it. 

Calming (Cistus, Ylang Ylang, Blue Tansy, Patchouli, Tangerine, Sweet Orange)

White Angel (Ylang Ylang #1, Rose Absolute, Angelica, Rosewood, Melissa Maceration, Sandalwood, Geranium, Black Spruce, Myrrh, Hyssop, and Orange). This blend was inspired by a very special healer who wishes to stay anonymous. This is a special blend that activates the higher heart

Personally I would bathe with this blend, but we all are different and you need to use it as you see fit. Make sure that you set up a sacred space before using as much negativity can be released.





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