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Here at Gritman, we get that all disease has an emotional component. Sometimes the emotional piece is small and sometimes it is large. When the emotional piece is large, medicinal practices do not seem to work until the emotional piece is handled. You often see this in allergies. One of the reasons that essential oils can be seen as miracle workers is that they move emotion and seem to clear issues from the energy field allowing people to get better. The oils cannot do it by themselves but with our cooperation. 
Gritman has been lucky and has received a formula from an aromatherapist in China working with the COVID-19 virus; which Robin V. shared this with us.
The formula is 2 drops Siberian Fir, 1 drop each of Eucalyptus, Thyme and Helichrysum Italicum.  There are probably other formulas that are also good, but since we have this one, let's look at it from an emotional point of view.
Siberian Fir Needle is a premier oil for transition and dealing with change. Stressed because in transition, overwhelmed, feeling unable to deal with life TO clearing out old history and feeling good about facing the future.
When you are in transition, it can be very confusing because old ways may not seem to be working and since you are not where you want to be, the new ways that are coming are not seen or understood. Old traditions that have worked before may not seem to be working and there is a since of futility and being overwhelmed by situations that you do not understand. This understanding does not come clear until you are through the transition. This makes transitions very challenging. 
Eucalyptus has many variations but the 80/85 is most popular.  Feeling confused, fatigued, not grounded TO clear-headed, energized, grounded, healthy.
This oil seems to support the transitional issues of confusion and being overwhelmed leading to illness or fatigue. Transition is hard because I do not know where I am or where I am going. This stress leads to other emotional states that can start a series of events like not sleeping, eating well, not drinking enough water, adrenal drain all because we must stay alert because who knows were the threat may come from. We must be alert to defend ourselves and our loved ones. This is draining on our energy field and we do become more unable to defend against disease. Eucalyptus seems to strengthen and repair our energy field supporting us through challenging times.
Thyme also has variations red, white, and linalool type and there are others but we do not have them. I thought we should go with red, but a series of events here has shown me that we should go with white. White Thyme deals with tired, lonely, stressed, self-centered, self pity, anger (at God), abuse issues TO self-reliant, able to express anger and clear it, feel connected with higher source.
Often in times of crisis, we turn to the divine and can often feel forsaken or where are you? Why is this happening to me? Thyme supports your ability to come through this on your own resources. It also helps you to maintain your faith even though it may appear that you are alone. It supports you to dig within and allow the divine to work through you to come up with the answers that you need. Instead of going to outside authorities, you rely on yourself for the answers. The divine is there and will be there for you. Express your anger and allow it to pass so that you can be available for the divine. While you are angry, it is difficult to get in touch with those deep places within you. Actually  while anger fills the space, love cannot come in as there is no place for it. Once the anger is cleared, the space is available for the love to come in. The answers will come with it. 
Helichrysum is a very special oil. There is a perfume grade and a medicinal grade. The perfume grade is very expensive. We carry the medicinal grade which does not smell as nice but gets the job done and is less expensive. Helichrysum expresses self-consciousness, wants and desires come before all others and all things, ego-centered TO love of others, life centers around service, enjoy in giving to others.
This virus is isolating us from each other. We are told to go home and wait for the crisis to pass. We need to stock food and resources for ourselves and loved ones and those needs come first, but let us not forget that others are doing the same. This is not just a local event but a global event.
We are all unified in our love for our families and ourselves. We want the best for all. Once I take care of myself and my family., how can I be of service to others? What do I have that I can share with others? We are in this together. We can become one, not only as a community, a city, a state, a nation; but a planet.
We are being challenged from a global perspective because the total globe is being affected. Everyone one of us is being challenged at some level. Many emotions will come up.
Allow the oils to support you. Allow your family and friends to support you as you support them. This is about coming together as we isolate ourselves to protect each other from a threat; but walls, and governments, can not separate us, because we belong to a loving Earth.
We pray for one another and do what we can for each other. We are one in this love. No matter what your politics, we only want to survive and live well for all of us. This is the planet that we are transitioning into. Family to Family. Let's hold hands and then we can wash them.
This is a simple blend with a powerful message. You can put this together yourself or, Gritman has this blend called Chinese Corona Virus . To your health and well being Gritman wishes you well.
In the next blog, we will examine the spiritual issues.


  • Thank you, SO MUCH Meg, for offering your expertise to provide a blend that perfectly targets the current situation!

    Stefani Callihan on

  • Wonderful information. It all resonates with me. Thank you for sharing the formula. I will share your blog with others to pass around. Thank you Meg!
    Leslie Smith

    Leslie Smith on

  • Thank you for all the enlightening support.
    I see us as world citizens with our arms folded on our chests but, above our heads, our Spirits radiating all around ………uniting us……..beyond a manual touch.

    leslie manday on

  • Thank you for all of your important information to me as a student of your class and to the citizens. We need to know how to make an stay healthy from all this ,My Company is doing all that we can to help the people of this life, to learn of Healthly living using Essential oils, Thank you again, my Teacher Meg.

    Betty Freeman on

  • great message Meg, I love you so much. you can probably guess what I’m stocking up on – - – - LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY, LAUGHTER – sending it your way too Loved One.
    Be Well
    Be Happy
    Be Free
    remember to hug a tree
    these wishes are coming your way
    Today and each and every day

    Lovie Harrison on

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