Children and Essential Oils

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Keeping our children safe is always a priority. Anxiety, restlessness, stress, disease, concentration, regular bedtimes, and just wanting to excel and do well. These are all concerns for us all. Children are not adults and cannot take adult dosage. Drops of oils need adjusting. Do not place the bottle of oil under the nose, in the nose, in the ears. Some oils can be placed directly on the skin but most need a fatty oil or carrier to stop the oil from harming the skin.

Peppermint is probably the number one oil I would suggest for children. It can be taken orally to help with stomach ache that is real or just anxious. It works quickly. One drop and no more in a cup of warm water for drinking or a drop on the finger and then suck the finger. The oil can be directed to the back of the throat by the tongue and allowed to flow down the throat. There is a definite response to the oil, so you can see why one drop is more than enough.

If there is injury such as a fall, peppermint can stop swelling, stop infection, and contain pain. Think of peppermint as an ice bag in a bottle. Just as you would use an ice pack, peppermint can be used in the same way. It can be applied with or without a carrier. A carrier will help the oil cover a larger area and help with the tingling. 

Peppermint can also help one to focus and stay awake to listen to instructions or find the energy to do work. After lunch is often a slow down and sleepy time. Breathing some peppermint can help revive and stimulate to stay a wake and perform as needed. Dropping a drop of oil by itself or diluted in a fatty oil to the wrist and bringing the wrist to the nose can help smell the oil. Dropped on a cotton ball and placed in a plastic bag can also be a way to smell the oil. Open the bag and breathe. Be careful of the eyes. If you get essential oil in the eyes, use butter, whole milk, cream, or a fat like olive oil. Rub the fat into the eyes and then blot with cloth or paper towel.

Getting a headache from muscular tension is common, peppermint applied to the back of the neck and across the shoulders can lessen tension and reduce pain. Lavender can be added to further reduce tension and create relaxation and stop the headache. It takes about 15-20 minutes.

When it is time for bed, lavender diffused in the bedroom or sprayed on the pillow can help a child relax and fall to sleep. Lavender in the bathtub at night can also help the child relax and let go of the troubles and worries of the day. Especially good with passion flower when there is a test tomorrow or anxiety in the space.

Peppermint and rosemary are great for doing homework and retaining information. Also good during test taking to help recall information and stay focused. Diffused in the room where homework is happening and on the wrist for taking test, and if it is allowed, the plastic bag with a cotton ball of peppermint and rosemary is also helpful. The cotton ball can be used to wipe the wrist and the wrist can be brought to the nose as needed or just opening the bag and smelling can help. Galbanum the day of the test can help with concentration and test results tend to be better. 

What about immune support? 

Frankincense is always on everyone's list. If you can afford it, great, but there are so many wonderful immune supporting oils that are not expensive. The most popular is tea tree. I find that it helps a sore throat. One drop on the back of the throat often takes the pain away and the sore throat disappears. Gritman has a blend called Immune Booster that is really good. If you are looking for individual oils any of the tree oils will support the immune system. Use the oils that you have.

Concerned about getting the flu, with the first signs, take a warm to hot bath with immune supporting oils. Here the number of drops used can get high. We want to stop a virus from taking hold. Soaking in a bath with oils then wrapping up in towels and sweating while drinking orange juice, water, or other fluids. This can often decrease symptoms or stop the virus. Put immune supporting oils on the bottom of the feet with socks and go to sleep. Stay home if needed and rest. Now is not the time to extend yourself. Rest and let your body do its job.


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