Buddha Wood Oil

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With the name Buddha Wood, you can imagine a strong spiritual definition and it truly lives up to its name. The oil asks the question: Who is God? In these trying times, many of us are wondering where God is and our relationship with this. Fear or difficult traumatic situations can cause us to separate from our bodies. Buddha Wood helps you to reseat within yourself so you can feel safe and at peace with your environment.

This Christmas we need a little safety and peace.

The best way to use this oil is in bath therapy especially if you are suffering. The next is by creating a cream. We have Erase Time that includes Buddha Wood. This cream is not only good for aging or damaged skin but also for reviving and increasing the skin's immune system. 

Buddha Wood has demonstrated strong antimicrobial activity against Candida albicans, a microbe that lives on the skin, but can become pathogenic when conditions that cause these rashes to arise. Buddha Wood's efficacy against C. albicans was found to be 35% greater that Tea Tree. Buddha Wood contains unique therapeutic constituents known as Eremophilones that offer anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-infective properties that support the skin's ability to fight against skin infections.

Buddha Wood has an exotic scent with woody-rose notes. If you find yourself being repelled by this scent, give yourself some time with this oil. Often when we find an oil that we do not like, it is an oil in which we need to spend time. Just with the scent, this oil takes you deep within yourself and can heal on multiple levels. Especially good if you are feeling troubled about your place in the world and if you are feeling not safe. 



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