Biblical Essential Oils

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Biblical Oils

The study of biblical oils is very rewarding and at the same time very frustrating. Many references do not give clear meaning to the essential oils involved or they dispute other references. hat is right can be a difficult issue to determine but worth the effort. We suggest that you use pray or mediation to determine what the Bible is attempting to tell you. Ancient references can be misunderstood as to botanical source and may not exist at this present time. Substitutions may need to be considered. We have found that intention and prayer allow one to bring oils together to fulfill the biblical intention. It is up to you within your own divine guidance to determine this. Here is a list of common words with Hebrew, English and essential oil correspondence.


Essential Oils
1. Algum Worship Sandalwood
2. Aloe Wounding Linaloe Wood
3. Anethon Refining Dill Seed
4. Araz Righteousness Atlas Cedarwood
5. Cheleb Finest Galbanum
6. Gadad The Word of God Coriander
7. Kammon Perserve Cumin Seed
8. Kopher The Blood of Christ Red Henna
9. Laban Purity Frankincense
10. Mor Belonging Myrrh
11. Nard Forgiven Spikenard
12. Nataph (Stacte) Prophecy Storax (Styrax), Benzoin,Myrrh
13. Onycha (Onyx) Claw, Intercession/Warfare Cistus, Labdanum, Storax
14. Quiddah Humbling Cassia
15. Quannamown Holiness Cinnamon
16. Shaqed Wakeful Bitter Almond


The Holy Anointing Oil sited in Exodus 30:23-24 is often used to create formulas for holy purposes. The main oils sited are myrrh oil, cinnamon oil, calamus oil, and cassia oil. These are usually mixed in olive oil.

Incense Oil sited in Exodus 30:34 includes Storax essential oil, Cistus essential oil, Galbanum essential oil, and Frankincense essential oil. There is controversy over this blend so you may want to pray over the oils you wish to use. The Scripture suggest they be combined in equal parts.


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