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n our culture, most people believe that essential oils and aromatherapy are interchangeable. Aromatherapy primarily focuses on the physical body and in some cases emotional well being. This completely limits the spectrum of essential oil use. We are more than the physical body. We function consciously or subconsciously through the other bodies: emotional, spiritual, and mental as well as the physical. This is an exciting time to use essentials as a tool to awaken us on all levels. The variety and range of oils has increased greatly. It is time to explore new methods to use essential oils in our everyday healing and go beyond aromatherapy.

How do you do this? You have to first acknowledge your more subtle parts. Listen to your inner voice. Society is just beginning to awaken to the idea of intuition. Most of us have not been taught about intuition in our formal education. If anything we have been taught to fear it. It is an unknown, intangible. It takes time and discipline to quiet ourselves and listen. If one tends to be mental it can take longer to clear the mental chatter. Others came into this world with a certain intuitive clarity. Just like some people are good at math, while some struggle with it.

Once you can connect to your inner voice you can then connect to the plants on a much more subtle level. Each plant has a story to tell and wants to share it. Once while doing research on oils, we noticed many essential oils coming from trees were treated violently. Basically the oil is distilled from tree sap. The bark from the tree is stripped and the tree is beaten until sap oozes out to protect itself. At one time we thought about discontinuing many of the tree oils. However Peru Balsam Essential Oil came forth to tell us one of its purposes on earth. It is about healing assault and violations. The plant needed to experience certain levels of violence so that it could assist us. As it facilities healing, we all heal! We are one and connected.

I have seen it time and time again how oils can help move people in the most extraordinary ways through their healing. How body memories, past traumas, emotional baggage, karmic ties can all come to resolution. People become lighter, happier, and fuller. Beware of the thinking that only the oils are doing the healing and are more powerful. The true power is within us and the oils help to bring balance. We are in charge of our own healing. We live on this earth together and together we will heal and grow into our potential.

Amy Findley is a certified aromatherapist, co-owner of Gritman Essential Oils, with a private practice, Athena's Intuitive Essential Oil Therapy. You can contact Amy at


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