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We live in a duality, sometimes called Tao – yin and yang. This is reality within 3D. If there are good traits there are also bad traits, positives and negatives, push and pull. For democracy there is autocracy/oligarchy.

Autocracy, or rule by one all-powerful ruler, has been the global norm since the beginning of society. Kimba, King of the mountain.

Democracy is about the people’s rule through majority vote. It is a more sophisticated form of government. Democracy responds to the needs of the people, while an autocracy responds to the needs of the leader who cares less about the people.

Movement towards autocracy in a democracy is natural. It is what is happening now. The government is responding less and less to the people and we actually have created a form of minority rule which is leading us to autocracy/oligarchy.

Does this mean that we are helpless to do anything about this? No, of course not, we always have power. When we live consciously, we tend to create democracies but when we are controlled we tend to create autocracies.

First we need to understand that some Americans like the idea of a strong ruler who tells them what to do and think. This needs to be OK. People have the right to think this and be this. You do not need to agree but you need to support their right to be and believe what they need. You cannot control or change anyone if you want to be self-responsible.

The only power you have is the power over yourself. If you want to do something about the state of the world, the only power you have is to change yourself. This calls for being self-responsible.

The two biggest challenges in this age are to become self-responsible and to come to terms with good and evil or the need to be right or righteous.

What gets in our way to becoming self-responsible?

When we are little we are told to tell the truth and take responsibility for our deeds just like George Washington and the cherry tree. What happens is that we get punished and we are told that this will make us good. What it tends to do is make us liars and not take responsibility, because who wants to be responsible and get punished. That hurts.  Being responsible is to be blamed. If something goes wrong, it is your fault. OUCH!

So we have learned to follow authority like scientific research says or we can find an authority that we trust and do as they tell us.  One way of avoiding pain/punishment is to follow authority. If something goes wrong, you were just doing as you were instructed. How can you be held responsible?  

Being responsible for our thoughts and ourselves becomes a scary proposition. Seeking out a strong leader can be part of our not wanting to be responsible. We are protecting ourselves from being punished or being hurt.

Part of this journey is becoming self-responsible for what we think and do. Our power lies in our ability to control our thoughts and actions. At this time within our democracy, this is what is being called for.

Not all of us will be able to do this. Now it all depends on what will make up the majority.  We are definitely being tested.  We may even lose our democracy. Sometimes you need to lose something to understand its true value.

Here are oils that help us become responsible. Read over their definitions and work with the ones that you think apply to you. You can also intuit which ones apply to you. Then diffuse, massage, bathe, or however you feel comfort to interact with the oils.

Hyssop – will help you stabilize the transition from consensus (tribal) reality to individual reality or moving into self-actualization leading yourself out of domination of parental and societal control.

Juniper – helps you clear the field as you begin to direct your own life and leave the control of others. It is especially helps with fear that comes from this transition.

Neroli – helps with the sadness that comes with change. As we leave one way of being for another, there is a need to be sad. Neroli especially helps the body make this transition.

Frankincense – helps you transition into your seat of power. There can be feelings of being let down or for those not being there for you, or you can feel that you have let down others. Frankincense helps with make peace with these feelings.

Sandalwood – helps you come to terms with harsh words of punishment that have been delivered to you to control you. This means that you can become overly harsh in your words yourself or find it difficult to speak out. Sandalwood helps you find your power within your voice.

Vetiver – helps in transition making you feel safe in a new environment. The body needs more grounding in a time of transition and uncertainty.

Wormwood – is an oil that is only used when in service to the Earth. Gaia has been holding for us much of the abuse seen as punishment on this earth. Many through the years have attempted to confront rules and governance that is seen as brutal, unjust, and violent. As we as a people become more self-actualized, the earth will begin to release this pain and some will be called to help her. This is part of the Gaia/Angea transition.




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