Aromatherapy for Broken Veins

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These issues are attributed to poor circulation. Broken veins are weak and blood has seeped into surrounding tissue. When found in the legs, they can be caused by heredity, prolonged standing or sitting, lifting heavy objects, insufficient exercise, constipation, insufficient fluid intake, faulty diet, obesity, pregnancy and labor. When on the face, it is usually with fair skinned individuals who have scrubbed their face too vigorously, squeezed blackheads, or overexposed the skin to sunlight or extreme temperatures. There can also be vitamin deficiencies of B-complex and C's.

Recommended Essential Oils
Cypress essential oil, frankincense essential oil, lemon essential oil, palmarosa essential oil, parsley essential oil, and rose otto essential oil

How to use the essential oils
Cypress strengthens veins and improves circulation. This oil can be applied to the vein and massaged above the area or into the area between the veins and the heart. Massaging below the vein puts more pressure on the vein and that is not good at this time. Cypress (5-10 drops) can be added to a warm bath. The bath should not be too hot as this could also aggravate the situation. 
Cypress can be added to a carrier oil or fatty oil like olive, safflower, sunflower, sweet almond in a 3% dilution: 1oz carrier to 20-25 drops of essential oils.

Skin Care Formula:
4oz natural unscented skin cream, lotion, or carrier oils (1/5 Wheat Germ and Vitamin E, 1/5 Borage or Evening Primrose, 1/5 Avocado, and 2/5 Fractionated Coconut oil)
40 drops cypress
10 drops frankincense
10 drops lemon
5 drops palmarosa
5 drops parsley
5 drops rose otto
Mix together and apply gently with a Popsicle stick (to avoid contamination from fingers) to effected area. Rub in with your fingers. When not in use, store in cool or refrigerated area. Warm in hands before applying. May be used several times a day, but before going to bed and upon rising are good times.

Other Treatments:
Eat foods rich in bioflavonoids and vitamin C: citrus fruit, fresh vegetables, and whole grains. Eat fresh garlic or garlic capsules, and Vitamin B-complex and E capsules. Lie with your feet higher than your feet for 30 minutes. Gentle exercise or yoga no jogging, skipping, aerobics that involve high impact. Herbal tea as Rose-hip

Old Home Remedy:
Cook half a bunch of freshly washed parsley in water to cover. Strain Stir in a teaspoon of honey and smooth over effected veins several times a day. Also take parsley, water and blend in blender add honey and apply. Store in the refrigerator.

High impact activity, stimulants as coffee, tea, alcohol, and chocolate, extreme temperature changes.

It takes months to see real improvement so do not give up.


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