Anger in Angea

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Anger is a wonderful, powerful emotion. Yeah yeah yeah aren't we suppose to rise up and not get angry. Isn't that what good people do? No, good people can get angry. It is what you do with the anger that counts. Let's take a moment and really look at anger and how we want to use it in our Angea. 

Anger does three things. It tells the truth, it lets you know that there are boundary issues, and it empowers you to do the impossible. This is the positive manifestation of anger.

The negative is it lets you know that you are frustrated or not getting your way. This can lead to using your anger to hurt others, often with lies.  Anger can also be used to bully others. Bullies have deep insecurities and feel they cannot get their way; so, they puff themselves up into an angry state and threaten others.  Anger is one directional. Once you experience it, it wants to leave you. How you give it direction and purpose means everything.

There are now more women in Congress than ever before. Women who never entered politics until this election. Why? Because they are upset with the current president especially his view on women. They are letting their anger motivate and empower them to seek political office. 

What about the people that are afraid of their anger and let their power go negative. Afraid to stand up because terrible things can happen to them. With the Me Too movement, there is fear that women can use their anger to falsely accuse men and ruin their careers. This can happen as we want to believe women when they come forward to tell their abuse stories.

What about false accusations? Anger can be positive as well as negative. Right now we want to believe women coming forward because they have not been believed up to this point and have suffered for it. To set this wrong right we probably will error by falsely accusing some men.

Like a pendulum, the size of the swing depends on the energy in it, it is dynamic,  always in motion, while the time between swings is constant, true balance is momentary at the center, never static.

This suggests that though we have not handled abuse issues well in this country, We may move to the other extreme of believing even though it may not be fair or even false. The way to balance often includes moving to the other extreme and then moving to a balance point, often repeatedly.

This is true not only in the political arena but as a personal experience. If we have been hurt, we may find ourselves wanting to hurt back becoming the force that hurts. We become the wrong that we are fighting against. Only finding peace within ourselves will we be able to come to peace. This is a learning experience not only for the Nation but for ourselves.

There is no wrong or right in experiencing anger. It is about choices, learning from the choices made, so that we make better choices. It is always about learning. Learning to use our anger to tell the truth that has long be repressed. Allowing anger to do that which you thought you could not do. Protecting your boundaries by standing up for yourself. For those that are bullied, anger is your friend. Allow it to work within your life. It may take a negative course so learn and know that at any time you can take positive steps to empower yourself. Bless your anger.  

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for my anger and my ability to speak the truth, protect my boundaries, and empower myself to do what I need to do. Thank you anger.

If you find yourself caught in anger and unable to clear it, there are oils to help.

Anger Oils:



Bitter Almond


Cassia Bark

Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon Leaf







White Thyme


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