Anger and Love in a Spirit Full Life

Posted by Meg Shehad on

Love is great, we want it in abundance; anger is not so great. Love we cherish, anger we  dismiss. Refined, spiritually oriented, people do not show their anger, they find ways to repress or redress it with a smile.

A person who is refined does not allow themselves to become angry. Love, peace and calm are hallmarks of a mature, spirit full life.  Displays of anger only lessen the prestige of the individual and often there is need for apology.

As I see it, this a common point of perspective in Gaia.

Yet there is another viewpoint.

In Angea, anger is seen as one of many valid emotional states. What is said needs to be heard. Anger expresses resentments, a response to abuse, boundary violations, an inability to get what one wants, or just a basic I am not happy.

By listening to the anger it becomes apparent that something needs to change or happen. When anger is heard and responded to in a constructive way, it releases, allowing happiness and contentment to emerge. Sometimes there is no one to listen, then you must be the one to process, taking care of yourself. Essential oils can be a helpful part of this process.

Within an essential oil perspective, anger is taking up space in the body and energy field. It tightens muscles increasing pain; within the energy field, anger weakens and sometimes encases pain so that the person does not feel, or recognize it  as anger. An essential oil practitioner would want to remove the anger from the field and body, allowing happiness and love to fill the space and relaxation to occur. 

From an essential oil practitioner's point of view, anger that is repressed causes all kinds of problems. The least being soreness and stiffness in the body and the worst can manifest as cancer. I have worked with many cancer patients and I find them, for the most part, to be very sweet, kind and pleasant. Looking closer, they are often very angry people, who have given up hope that anyone cares or will respond to them. They often become absorbing sponges and mediators of their families and world. They never seem to be mad, often helping others to diffuse their anger. To truly recover they need to release the anger within their field. They may be quite reluctant to do so, as feeling the anger seems such an unpleasant and damaging emotion.

When working with essential oils, realize that repressing anger only causes issues later. As with cleaning, one must be constantly clearing and processing so that the anger is released and not held. Holding onto anger causes so many problems for people. Please do not fool yourself by not responding to anger and think that you have dealt with it. It remains, and builds, which causes bigger problems later.

I had a little pug named Winston. Actually he was not mine but a family members. He stayed with me until they were able to take him. By then we had created a major love connection. Separating us was difficult for both of us, after two years, he was returned. Winston would live with me for ten more years, however our relationship never returned to its original loving state. Winston would not allow it. He would not forgive me for letting him go.

It was then that I realized, when someone holds onto anger, it is not just themselves they hurt, but they have a negative impact on those around them. I would continue to care for him, but the level of fun and enjoyment was not there. He died holding onto his anger. This happens for people as well. The love that might have been, stays as a shadow, and the anger depresses the surroundings.This can be carried into the next life as karma.

Clearing anger is important. Please realize many spiritual, good people, have the notion, repressing their anger makes them good people. yet; they become like Winston, unable to actualize a full loving life.

Once the anger is released, calm and peace, naturally emerge; this is the prized reward. With essential oils, the release comes with greater ease, and a love filled life becomes more natural and sustainable.






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