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We are all staying home because of the virus to protect one another. We protect ourselves as we protect you. In this we are all heroes. Being in this together, it is not an equal opportunity experience. For some of us, it is disastrous and for others it is no big deal, with all kinds of experiences in the middle. What we know is that life is not going to be the same. Something has happened to all of us, as we are in this together, but everyone of us is different and having a different experience.

It is difficult to look into the future. I have been expecting Angea to emerge and I think it is appearing as two paths. Choices must be made. One is the path of fear and the other is the path of power. Corona is the name of a beer and it is made with hops. Hops essential oil is the premier fear oil for fears without foundation or anxiety and worry over want could be. Corona is also another word for crown. The essential oil that most aligns itself with placing the crown of power on is Frankincense. Now it is up to you to choose the path you will follow, as we are all in this together, but none of us will experience the same thing.

In the path of fear, you give up power and give it to another. You are too afraid to be responsible, as you or your family could die. You want others to take charge preferably people of intelligence with an ability to lead. You will follow as long as you are safe, secure, and well, or at least given the promise that you will be. You will not ask too many questions and believe or want to believe that your leaders are working in your best interest. It is best to leave it to the experts. How will this fear change you and your future? The virus is not predictable. It could reappear, it could mutate to harmless, or not go away. How does this change your life? 

Then there is the path of power, here you often question authority. When things do not make sense to you, you tend to want to get to the bottom of an issue. Do your research or at least take some time to think it out. You will follow others if you feel in alignment. Research is important to you and you want to understand and know the truth. Fear does not motivate you. It may get your attention, but you will not act out of it.

The path of fear will view the power people as stupid and foolhardy and dangerous. At first they will want to save them out of concern for them. When they can't, they will start to avoid or mandate them to do as they should. Those on the power path already know that they cannot save you. All they can do is witness. Bonds of love will be tested and choices will have to be made to hold together partnerships, friends, and families. Those that choose the power path will begin to see the new world emerging. It will be time to rewrite the scripts. How we deliver education, justice, social mores, nutrition, job equality will be discussed and changed. The new will begin to emerge as it has since WWI, with the birth date of the Spanish influenza. Of course the paths that will be chosen will be varied and numerous. 

The path of fear will begin to loose freedom in the form of rights and privileges in the guise of safety for all. It will be in our interest to be with the group no matter how limiting. This path will want everyone to be protected and safe and will want us all to be together in the same fight. Alliances once seen as impossible will happen. We must do what is best for us all as we are in this together. 

The power path will know that what their life looks like is up to them. They know they have the power to declare and decide their destiny. Individual wishes and intent will be stressed. They may even see themselves as able to host the virus or not. Ultimately, is it up to me whether I get sick or not?

Those on the fear path will be seen as blocking individual rights and freedoms. The dilemma over the welfare of the group or the individual will be decided. What do you mean by not taking the vaccine? You endanger us all. We are in this together.

The power path is not without fear. They may feel fear but they will move through it guided by internal guidance. The path of fear will need someone else in charge like a leader to guide them. They will give up personal responsibility for safety, security, and well being. Tell us what to do as we are happy to do it. We are all in this together. There is an emotional rush of feelings as it feels good to be part of the whole doing what is good for everyone. The path of power will probably feel fear, uncertainty, and not being sure they are doing the right thing. They will probably feel uncomfortable even scared as they decide to go their own way. 

Which path are you on? There is no right answer, but a continued monitoring of who we are and where we are going. The essential oils are there to assist you as you need them. It is a pleasure to serve you on whatever path you choose.


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