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Since very few of us were alive in 1919, no one quite knows what a world wide epidemic looks or feels like. After1919, we entered the roaring 20's and ended the Edwardian period of decadence. The common man found a new sense of liberation and upward mobility. There were definitely two worlds back then as there are now. Common man is in the process of getting an upgrade. I don't know about you but when I hear upgrade, I get upset because something is now going to break or change and make life difficult. So now what is going to happen to humanity?

We  have an opportunity to hold onto past grievances and hurts or let go and let be. For many especially in the Black Lives Matter movement this can look very different and the the letting go is not a letting them off. I was impressed by the marches that seemed to be civil and full of many colors with mostly loving energy. It is possible to be angry in a loving and caring way. I saw people about ready to do acts of violence being hugged or talked down. There are all kinds of ways of coming into our new sense of being and community. Blacks apparently are more challenged to hold the peace because there is a difference in treatment. That became evident as we witnessed the storming of the Capital by primarily white men. 

The United States and we the people are faced with dealing with polar opposites of ourselves. Part of the US is at odds with the other part while the rest just wants to stay out of it. No matter what faction you belong to, you are part of the United States. There is no need to fight with one another or try to destroy the other. This is not a Civil War. America knows how to bring difference into one being without needing to create homogenous USA. We have always been different and always had differences of opinions. That is who we are. Let's just accept that. We are not going to agree. We can all love the United States if not each other. We can all agree to love our families and provide safety for them. Together we can love this nation in our own way. We do not need agreement to do it.

What we do need right now is good food, clean water, sound sleep, safety and healing. We have been at odds with each other for too long. The Pandemic is raging but soon that will be behind us and we will be able to hug one another again. Here are some oils that will support our acceptance and our emergence. You can get this blend of oils under the name Love Acceptant.

Rosemary Verbenone - this oil allows you to let go of all baggage that has been weighing you down. Old issues that have long been resolved but still hanging on. It is time to let them go and allow yourself to grow and become.

Pine - is considered by most a cleanser but for the energy field it is food. For those worried about paying the rent or needing a job, you have become depleted energetically. Pine will feed your energy field and bring back your energy levels so that you can face what lies ahead confidently.

Emerald Cypress - also feeds the energy field especially for those that feel that they cannot go one more mile or minute. Their energy is gone. Emerald Cypress can revive even those knocking on death's door. In doing this, it helps us heal from the fear of death. When we no longer fear death, what is left to fear.

Fennel - also heals the energy field especially from radiation damage. This oil suggests that you are a survivor and probably have negative energy in your field that is causing you harm and needs to be released. So using it, needs to be in a scared space, so the negative energy can be released safely. As the negative energy is released, a sweetness can come in that has always been there but masked by other negative feelings. 

Angelica Root - this is one of the most expansive and grounding oils available. It is often called for at major transitions like death and birth. We as a people are at such a transition point. Many of us are dying or transforming. We have lost jobs only to find new jobs. We have lost family only to redefine family. We have lost our country only to redefine it. We are in transition. 

Dark Amber - is a blend that grounds us through transition and connects us to our reincarnational past. We have been through crisis and epidemics before and we can heal through this life and the many lives that have also gone through hard times and despair. Those lives can give us strength to get through as we can give our pasts strength to carry through and heal.

You can use this blend in a bath my favorite way but make sure your bath tub is able to handle the oils. Plastic coatings and fiberglass will be damaged by the oils. Cast iron, marble, enamel tend to handle the oils better. Showers can be used by spraying the oils into shower head and letting the oils be dispersed. Diffusion or putting a few drops of oil into steaming water will allow the oils to disperse in a certain area. Wearing as perfume or every day can also be effective. Take the blend to your favorite massage therapist and get a massage with the oils. 


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