Angea - Time to Stabilize

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Our Root Chakra and Angea's are opening, clearing and now stabilizing. It is a time to be joyful, secure, and prosperous. Although there seems much to fear in our world. We are constantly being told that our waters, air, earth, and food are full of poison and new alerts come out every day. The good news is that our bodies have an amazing ability to adapt to very harsh and difficult situations. With the right mind, loss of fear, and a sense of well being, we can ford the most difficult situations.

We are in a time of stabilization. The world may be in turmoil and appear very dangerous. View this world but do not claim it. We can see the world around us collapse while at the same time we can be secure, happy, and doing well. We do not need to save those in the old world. Saving is a concept that needs to be carefully considered. Usually saving when viewed objectively is actually interference. Carefully consider whom to support.

It is important to know where you live. Let others to their world. It is important that we get clear about this. Be a witness to those in the old and stabilize those in the new.  We are having our own issues in being and living with Angea. She needs us. If you extend yourself and become part of the old world, you can create a destabilizing influence in the new world. This is going to look different for every one. I know I have faced unbelievable challenges this last month. Making right choices now makes a difference not only for you but for us all. 

We have decided to create a Stability blend to help you do this. 

Two of our old friends are back. 

Cabreuvia and Citronella:

Quit your bitching and acknowledge all the wonderful things that are in your world. Acknowledge the wonderful person you are. It is time to be grateful and appreciate what you have. It is going to get better. Focus on the positive and not the negative. You get what you focus on.

Time to stabilize and  ground the new. Time to be happy and excited. You live in a glorious world full of wonderful experiences and delights. Laugh and see the miraculous.

Thyme Maceration - It is time to reconsider who you are and what you want. There is a whole new world out there waiting for you. You may be experiencing resistance to this change and it is causing pain. Thyme will help relieve the pain and allow you to transition into the new. 

Pungent Galangal  - Can indicate that terrible things or the possibility of terrible is happening around you. Things may have already been destroyed that you cannot help or put back together again. Dry your eyes. It is time to recover and bring yourself back to your senses. It is time to get on with your life. Do not be concerned about those or things that you leave behind. It is time to build a new life. What you think and what you believe are very important right now. You create your own reality. Fear about your future or about those you see in trouble will only interfere with your need to create the new. These are exciting times. You are a creator of your world. In what world do you want to live? Who do you want to be?

Sage - Can indicate that you have blocked emotions in your energy field, especially the solar plexus. You could be experiencing indigestion, elimination problems, and stomach aches. Sage clears negative emotion especially blocked emotions from the energy field.

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