Rose Essential Oil (Absolute)

Rose Essential Oil (Absolute)

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Rose Absolute (1/6 oz)

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Rose Absolute (essential oil) is different than Rose Otto. Rose Absolute is solvent extracted and less expensive. It is most popular for its antidepressant properties. Rose Oil enhances self-love, self-esteem, mental strength and confidence. It can also help in relieving anxiety and in curing panic disorders.

Rose Essential Oil (Absolute)

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Rose Essential Oil (Absolute) has many properties but because of its expense and complex chemical structure it is most often used in perfumes. Rose oil energetically has the ability invoking positive thoughts, happiness and hope. There are many subspecies and varieties but most are a cross between R. centifolia (pink rose) and R. gallica (dark red rose). This absolute is not essential or being steam distilled from the petals, but this absolute is solvent extracted. The scent is considered by many as better than the distilled and some of the healing properties can be destroyed in the heat distillation. There is an essential oil from this rose, but it is very expensive. This absolute is also not to be confused with the famous Bulgarian Rose Oil, or Otto of Rose, or Attar of Rose (Rosa damascena) which is usually in oil form, but also found as an absolute. This oil is very expensive as volumes of rose petals are needed to distill the oil. Far less petals are needed to create the absolute. Rose water is created as a byproduct of the distillation. I have read that the damascena variety does not produce as much oil as the centifolia. Another variety found on the market is the Japanese or Chinese Rose (R. rugosa). Rose oil is often adulterated with geranium or palmarosa. Modern hybridizing has decreased the rose scent in most roses available at the florist.

Additional Information

Product No. 01-ros01-group
GCC VA-GP Morocco
Common Name Rose Absolute, French Rose, Moroccan Rose, Indian Rose, Cabbage Rose
Scientific Name Rosa centifolia
Family Name Rosaceae (Rose)
Indigenous Country Mediterranian, Ancient Persia
Country Of Production Bulgaria, Egypt, France, Morocco
History In ancient times rose oil was considered more precious and valuable than gold. It was used for its fragrance and therapeutic properties. The Romans ate rose petals with honey. The fragrance symbolized love and beauty.
history_cont No
Plant Description A perennial shrub or bush growing to 8ft high with a mass of pink flowers.
Parts Processed Petals
Processing Methods Solvent extracted,. Steam distilled.
Color Range Red. Light yellow.
Chemical Constituents Very complex with many unidentified. To 63% phenyl ethanol, to 22% citronellol, 15% geraniol, nerol.
Yin/Yang Yin
Physical Uses Used for dry skin, wrinkles, sensitive skin - especially babies', asthma, coughs, hay fever, sore throats, poor circulation, tuberculosis, liver congestion, hangovers, irregular menstruation, painful periods, impotence, frigidity, depression, etc.
Physical_Uses_cont No
Mental Uses I love me. I am whole. I love my spiritual side and I love my physical side.
Emotional Uses Self-contempt and self-hatred, selfish, feeling unloved and unwanted, feeling condemned, abandonment issues, apathetic, depressed, suicidal TO self-loving, selfless, serving, happy, in love with self and life.
Spiritual Uses Can indicate you have self-destructive tendencies or hold yourself in contempt. You may feel your are not attractive or undesirable. Your breasts or penis are too small or you are too fat. You could have a poor self image.
Spiritual_Uses_Cont No
Applications Aroma lamp, bath, compress, fragrance, inhaler, light bulb ring, lotion, massage, mist spray, perfume
Warnings/Contraindications Nontoxic and non irritating at low dosage. This is an absolute so do not take internally.

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