Peppermint Essential Oil (NorthWest)

Peppermint Essential Oil (NorthWest)

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Peppermint Essential Oil (Northwest) is better for irritable bowel syndrome as it relaxes intestinal muscles. Use in sunburn preventive oils and creams. Peppermint oil stops the burning and takes the heat out. It is ice in a bottle. In bath therapy the water will cool no matter how hot the water is, so best to do this in the summer.

Peppermint Essential Oil (NorthWest)

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Peppermint Essential Oil is both stimulant and relaxant. This peppermint (northwest) relieves stress better than the Midwest Peppermint Essential Oil. Boosts the immune system and relieves exhaustion. Northwest Peppermint Oil relieves pain especially for spasmodic conditions. Try in a massage blend to loosen and relax muscles. This is a special peppermint in that it tends to have higher esters than most peppermints. Esters give a calm, soothing note to any oil. We wonder if this oil would be very effective with children who are hyperactive and have problems focusing on one thing, ADD. It has the chemical constituents to make it calming and at the same time focused. We would love to see more mothers try this with their children.

Additional Information

Product No. 01-pep04-group
Common Name Peppermint, NW
Scientific Name Mentha piperita
Family Name Lamiaceae (Mint)
Indigenous Country Europe
Country Of Production USA
History Peppermint is a natural hybrid (mentha spicata-spearmint and mentha aquatica - watermint) which means that the seed is sterile. Record begins for this plant in the 1600's being used for indigestion, nausea, sore throat, and headaches.
history_cont No
Plant Description A perennial herb growing to 3ft high. The white variety has green stems and leaves while the black variety has dark green serrated leaves, purplish stems and violet flowers.
Parts Processed Flowering tops, green leaves not flowering.
Processing Methods Steam distilled.
Color Range Light yellow to green.
Chemical Constituents Difference in proportions due to geographical locations, menthol and menthone highest %.
Yin/Yang No
Physical Uses Analgesic, antibacterial, anticonvulsive, antidepressant, antidiarrheal, anti-inflammatory, antineuralgic, antiseptic, antitussive, antiviral, aperitive, aphrodisiac, astringent, carminative, cephallic, cholalgogue, cordial, decongestant, depurative, etc.
Physical_Uses_cont No
Mental Uses I relax into life staying alert and focused.
Emotional Uses Tired, worried, resentful, prideful, inferior TO energized, more able to do what you have to do, balanced, sleepy.
Spiritual Uses Can indicate you are needing direction. Life can seem confusing and overwhelming at times. It is time to center and allow others to direct you. Allies come into our lives to show us the way especially when we are lost or not susre what the next step is.
Spiritual_Uses_Cont No
Applications Aroma lamp, bath, compress, diffusor, gargle, inhaler, light bulb ring, lotion, massage, mist spray, mouthwash, salve, steam inhalation, toothpaste
Warnings/Contraindications Nontoxic, possible skin irritation, keep away from nostrils of infants as it may spasm the glottis, avoid in pregnancy and nursing, may antidote homeopathics.

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