Massoia Bark Essential Oil

Massoia Bark Essential Oil

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Massoia Bark Essential Oil (1/6 oz)

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Massoia Bark Essential Oil is considered a perfume oil. It has a deep, rich, warm, buttery, intense aroma with coconut undertones. This oil is high in lactones which give Massoia its distinctive aromatic notes. In perfumery use it as base or fixative.

Massoia Bark Essential Oil

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Massoia bark oil can be very irritating to the skin. Make sure to test on the skin before using. Some perfumes that have or had the massoia note are Kenzos Jungle le Tigre, Paco Rabannes XS for Her, Ayala Moriels Cabaret, and Roma Uomo by Laura Biagiotti. Massoia belongs to a species of 200 evergreen trees. Trees belonging to this species have been planted in containers on California streets.

Additional Information

Product No. 01-mas00-group
GCC LC-GP Indonesia
Common Name Massoia Bark
Scientific Name Cryptocarya massoia, C. aromatica, Massoia aromatica
Family Name Lauraceae
Indigenous Country Indonesia
Country Of Production India, New Guinea
History There no historical information at the time of printing.
history_cont No
Plant Description Evergreen tree growing in tropical climates. The leaves are leathery with small flowers.
Parts Processed Bark
Processing Methods Solvent abstraction - Liquefied Cooling Extraction
Color Range Clear to light yellow
Chemical Constituents Class: Lactone. Benyl benzoate, caryophylene
Yin/Yang Yin/Yang
Physical Uses Anti-infectious, antibacterial, anticatarrh, cytotoxic, mucolytic. Used in improving circulation and reputed to have some aphrodisiac qualities. Used as a base note in perfumery. Soaps are scented with this oil.
Physical_Uses_cont No
Mental Uses I can accept the predator inside myself. I know I am aggressive and can get whatever I want. I can use predator energy and not hurt any one.
Emotional Uses I want what I want no matter what it costs others, I am stronger and more powerful and I can do whatever I want, I am above the rules, sexually repressed TO I feel a part of the community or family, I know my place and I know I can do anything.
Spiritual Uses Can indicate that you are not in touch with your predator. There is a piece in all of us that can take advantage of that which is weaker, smaller, and less powerful than us. It is an animal nature. Predators are part of the natural scheme of things.
Spiritual_Uses_Cont Sharks are predators. They look for other fish to eat. They look for that which is smaller, weaker, or animals in distress. This isn't a bad thing but just the way life is. Predator energy is not always kind or good, but Massoia would like you to play.
Applications Inhalant, diffusor, bath, massage, perfume as base note, soap, mist spray for better mental concentration
Warnings/Contraindications No formal testing. Avoid use on sensitive or damaged skin; possible skin irritant and sensitizing effects. Avoid use with pregnancy, infants, and children.

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