Goldenrod Essential Oil

Goldenrod Essential Oil

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Goldenrod Essential Oil (1/6 oz)

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Goldenrod Essential Oil is steam distilled right here at Gritman. We go out into the world and collect large quantities of the flowers with some leaves and distill during the month of October. The scent creates good will and cooperation even though there are problems. We consider Goldenrod Oil to be a premier agape love oil.

Goldenrod Essential Oil

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Goldenrod is considered good for kidneys, bladder, and allergies. Some allergies are created because of weakened kidney function. Use as a perfume and in bath and massage therapy. As a relaxant and euphoric, this oil is good for spa and retreat settings. Ragweed grows and blooms at the same time as Goldenrod, yet Goldenrod (whose pollen is heavy and falls to the ground), is often mistakenly blamed for the allergy problems caused by ragweed's airborne pollen. It is now considered more a weed than an herb. It is often seen blooming in the fall in vacant fields. There are more than a hundred different species making up the goldenrod species and it is often difficult to tell them apart. One species grows only a foot high. The one cited here grows up to 7 feet.

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Product No. 01-gol00-group
Common Name Goldenrod, Tall Goldenrod, Woundwort, Field Goldenrod
Scientific Name Solidago canadensis, S. altissima, S. odorta
Family Name Asteraceae (Composite, Daisy)
Indigenous Country USA, Canada
Country Of Production USA
History Native Americans used the plant medicinally. The Zuni chewed Goldenrod blossoms and slowly swallowed the juice to cure sore throat. Ground flowers were used on bee stings. Teas were brewed from the plant to treat stomach ailments, fevers and snakebite.
history_cont The roots were used to treat burns.
Plant Description A stiff, upright perennial herb growing to 7 feet high with numerous stems forming clumps and branches in their upper portions. The leaves are lance-shaped measuring up to six inches long and one-half to one inch wide. Flowers form in long terminal cluste
Parts Processed Flowers.
Processing Methods Steam distilled
Color Range Clear.
Chemical Constituents Class: Terpene/Ester. Pinene, bornyl acetate, benzoates, methyl chavicol, borneol.
Yin/Yang Yin
Physical Uses Used for skin infections, acne, inflammations of the skin, wounds, sores, insect bites, hay fever, allergies, respiratory congestion, sinus infection, nervous stomach, diarrhea, liver stimulant, reduces excessive menstruation.
Physical_Uses_cont The herbal tea can increase the production of urine without disturbing the levels of electrolytes.
Mental Uses I am in love with myself. I love my world and all that is in it. I know I have a happy ending.
Emotional Uses Stressed, critical, dislike most things, find things wrong in everything TO happy, well-being, optimistic, nothing seems to bother you, everything is allowed.
Spiritual Uses Can indicate that your life is very stressed. You are not enjoying life enough and are paying too much attention to unimportant things that worry you. It balances the heart chakra and imbues the energy field with love of life and all its creatures.
Spiritual_Uses_Cont It supports a euphoric nature where most trials and tribulations are taken easily and without concern.
Applications Bath, inhaler, diffusor, massage, perfume.
Warnings/Contraindications No formal testing, avoid in pregnancy and with infants and children, avoid on sensitive or damaged skin, toxicity and irritation possible.

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