Geranium Essential Oil (Egyptian)

Geranium Essential Oil (Egyptian)

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Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil is also a rose geranium. It along with Rose Geranium are the premier oil balancers for female skin and hormones. Egyptian Geranium is suitable for all complexion types and is said to slow the skin's aging process. As a salve, cream, lotion, or massage oil, geranium essential oil treats a long list of skin problems and fights bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Geranium Essential Oil (Egyptian)

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Egyptian Geranium Essential oil relieves inflammation, eczema, acne, burns, infected wounds, ringworm, lice, shingles, and herpes blisters. Geranium Oil also helps remove, or at least prevent, scarring and stretch marks. It's excellent for treating hormonally-related problems, such as PMS, menopause, and fluid retention. There are 700 varieties of cultivated geraniums and pelargoniums. Most of them are grown for ornamental purposes. Geranium oil from different parts of the world tend to differ in their chemical proportions. The Chinese variety tends to be cheaper and a little less sweet. High citronellol content in the Egyptian, Reunion, and Moroccan geranium. Algerian and Spanish geranium have a high geraniol content. East African geranium oil is called "Mawah oil." South Africa is now offering a very nice rose geranium.

Additional Information

Product No. 01-ger02-group
Common Name Egyptian Geranium, Rose Geranium, Rose Geranium Bourbon, Geranium Bourbon
Scientific Name Pelargonium graveolens (cultivar of P. radens and P. captiatum), P. asperum, P. odoratissimum (USA Geranium), P. roseum (Madacasgar, Algerian,African Geranium), P. radens, P. capitatum (wild)
Family Name Geraniaceae (Geranium)
Indigenous Country South Africa, Reunion
Country Of Production Egypt, Russia, Africa, Japan, Central America, Europe
History Herbal history is very distorted because of the confusion in plant names. There are over 250 species of pelargonium and, as the common name implies, this is supposed to be geranium. However, the scientific name clearly tells you that it is not.
history_cont Many medicinal uses in aromatherapy literature were originally taken from herbals on the geranium plant called Herb Robert (Geranium robertanium) and Cranesbill (G. maculatum).
Plant Description A perennial hairy shrub growing to 3 feet high with pointed leaves, serrated at the edges and small pink flowers. The leaves produce the essential oil.
Parts Processed Whole plant.
Processing Methods Steam distilled.
Color Range Green.
Chemical Constituents Class: Alcohol. Citronellol, geraniol, linalool, isomenthone, sabinene, limonene.
Yin/Yang Yin
Physical Uses Used to purify, reduce cellulite, calm the nervous system (in small amounts), stimulant (in large amounts), uplift moods, reduce tension, lessen pain and inflammation, stimulate the adrenal glands, disinfect, repel insects, soothe bites.
Physical_Uses_cont Stimulant of the adrenal cortex that balances and regulates hormones
Mental Uses I am stepping forward, knowing that today and tomorrow will unfold for my best good. I am able and willing to face my future.
Emotional Uses Feeling afraid because this is a transitional time, confused, unsure of the future TO a quiet surety, courage, clarity, moving forward with confidence.
Spiritual Uses Can indicate you are going through or soon will be going through major changes and your courage needs to be fortified, or that your energy field is weakened and you need protection while you move through this transition.
Spiritual_Uses_Cont The courage of geranium is a quiet firm strength, not an assertive or confrontive energy.
Applications Aroma lamp, bath, compress, diffusor, inhaler, light bulb ring, lotion, massage, mist spray, perfume.
Warnings/Contraindications Nontoxic, avoid in early pregnancy.

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