Cabreuva Essential Oil

Cabreuva Essential Oil

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Cabreuva essential oil in skin care is used for its antiseptic qualities and ideal for acne. It also seems to be helpful in wound healing and reducing scars. Cabreuva oil is an aphrodisiac especially for men.

Cabreuva Essential Oil

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Cabreuva is a tall tropical tree with very hard wood, extremely resistant to moisture and mold growth. CabreuvaEssential Oil has hormone-like properties with possible action on the hypothalmus. Can have irritating and sensitizing qualities so use a carrier. Botanically related to the Balsams: Copaiba, Peru and Tolu. However, unlike these trees this oil does not come from the resin and pathological extraction, but from the waste wood in the lumber yards. There are various species of trees yielding Cabreuva (such as M. fastigiatus) and the resin from this species is said to be like Balsam of Peru. Used as fixative in fragrances. There is a Cabreuva Balsam which is steam distilled from the resin of a Cabreuva tree (M. peruiferum), but this is a rare oil.

Additional Information

Product No. 01-cab00-group
GCC DS-GP South America
Common Name Cabreuva, Cabureicia, Cabreu
Scientific Name Myrocarpus frondosus, M. fastiglatus, M. peruiferum (cabreuva balsam)
Family Name Leguminosa (Pea), Fabaceae
Indigenous Country South America
Country Of Production South America, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina
History Used by South Americans to heal wounds without scarring. Also used to make furniture and wood cravings. Listed by Europeans in early part of the century as having antiseptic qualities. Used to be manufactured for the production of nerolidol, but now
history_cont nerolidol is synthetically produced.
Plant Description Tropical tree growing to 50 feet, found primarily along the coast. The wood is very hard and resistant to moisture and mold.
Parts Processed Wood chips, waste from lumber manufacturing.
Processing Methods Steam distilled.
Color Range Light yellow.
Chemical Constituents Class: alcohol. Up to 80% nerolidol, farnesol, bisabolol.
Yin/Yang Yin/Yang
Physical Uses Possible hormonal properties associated with the hypothalamus and pituitary (adrenal cortex stimulant) and possible corticosteroid action. Used to warm, loosen tight muscles, calm, reduce stress, improve mental clarity and alertness, reduce pain and to
Physical_Uses_cont ease breathing. Anti-inflammatory antiseptic, aphrodisiac, balsamic, cicatrizant, expectorant, fixative. Used for arthritis, dry chapped/cracked skin, rashes, cuts, scars, wounds, chills, coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis and sexual debilities.
Mental Uses Life is not perfect and yet I am perfectly happy. I speak my dreams and my future manifests itself easily and effortlessly. I love me and my life.
Emotional Uses Sad, crying, disappointed in life and self - Why can't I be a better person?, blaming self, critical TO appreciating self and giving much supportive inner dialogue, feel how wonderful you are, happy.
Spiritual Uses Can indicate that you have come to a point in your life where you have worked and worked on yourself and still life is not the way you want or think it should be. You may not want to give up right now, but you have done everything that you know to do.
Spiritual_Uses_Cont It is time to stop and appreciate what is going right and acknowledge how many things in your life are right for you. Your focus needs to come away from the negative and onto the positives for you to make the necessary shifts that you want to make.
Applications Aroma lamp, bath (may need a fixed oil to avoid burning), diffusor, light bulb ring, inhaler, massage and mist spray.
Warnings/Contraindications Nontoxic, avoid with male prostate cancer.

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