The Baby is Here. What Oils Can I Use NOW?

November 20th, 2013 by Meg Shehad

Ave as a baby

Gritman really enjoys working with mothers and babies. Usually the same rules that apply to babies will also apply to the Elderly. Smaller quantities work better. The blends found in aromatherapy books will need to be reduced by half. More carrier will be used with less essential oil. Do not put oils under their nose or in their eyes. Peppermint which can be helpful with colic rubbed on the stomach does not work well right under the baby’s nose. The epiglottis can spasm and the baby will go into a breathing crisis. Always put oils in a carrier. This applies even to lavender. The skin of babies is fragile and is more sensitive than adult skin. Be gentle and use only a little.

Angelica Root is an oil of transition and is especially appropriate for greeting newborns and helping elders to pass. Diffusing in the space is good at the birth and for a few days thereafter. It can also be used in massage for the baby and the mother to help with the transition.

For baths, use only natural soap like Lou’s Soap. Babies can be given massages especially after bath time to keep their skin moist. New Born Baby Massage is a great blend to help babies adjust to the their new world. Fractionated Coconut Oil is a much better product to put on baby’s skin than baby oil that ¬†is a petroleum product and not good for baby or adult skin.

For changing diapers, soak cloth wipes in Rosalina or a blend of Lavender and Tea Tree to wipe bottoms. If you are using disposal wipes you can use a Rosalina Water Spray. This will prevent most rashes. If a rash does appear, use Self Heal Creme or Nappy Rash. After the bottom is wiped, Rosalina Baby Powder can be used to add extra protection. When you are out, use Diaper Rash Stick. The stick is small and takes up little room but  protects the baby from rash in no time.

For sleeping, the classic blend is lavender and roman chamomile. Gritman sells Lavender and Roman Chamomile sticks. Rub on the bottom of the feet and this will quiet a fussy baby and also help them to go to sleep. The feet are a wonderful place to apply oils especially in the very young.

Some baby’s will experience sour stomach or colic. The baby will be fussy and difficult. Apply Soothing Baby Massage to the tummy to help relieve pain, or add a few drops to a warm tub and soak the baby for a few minutes. Soon you will have a happy baby again. Peppermint is an oil that can be used later when the child is bigger to help tummy aches and motion sickness, but peppermint is too strong for babies. Angelica Root that you used in the beginning few days can also be used in a carrier to help colic.

In a few months, baby may get a cold or have a runny nose. Baby Sniffles rubbed behind the ears and/or on the chest can help symptoms. The blend can also help protect from getting viruses. Rub onto baby’s back and arms before going into public or in an area where people are ill.

For new Mommy’s, they also have special needs. Comfrey maceration is ideal for rapid healing and comforting sensitive sore areas. Comfrey will strengthen connective tissue, reduce inflammation and pain, promote rapid skin repair, and pull toxins from the skin. Use where needed. Warm baths with comfrey and other herbs is wonderful way to relax. See if husband or massage therapist can use Muscle Relaxation in a massage.

Some women will experience hemorrhoids for the first time after giving birth. Hemorrhoid Ezzz will help shrink and soothe the hemorrhoids. Yarrow is an essential oil that is often used to heal hemorrhoids.

For breastfeeding mothers, they may want to encourage milk flow. Got Milk is a Gritman Blend that can be rubbed onto breasts but avoid the nipple. Exotic Basil and Dill are also two essential oils that can be used to promote milk production. Rub onto breast after feeding baby or at least an hour before feeding so that the scent does not irritate the baby’s nose. What you smell is what you taste, so let time pass before feeding the baby.

It is natural and normal to feel overwhelmed at the birth. Joy goes hand and hand with added responsibility. Mommies get the baby blues. Sometimes this leads to postpartum depression. Use New Beginnings to diffuse or massage, but if the depression continues, please seek medical advise. Sleep is very important and it may be more difficult since Mommy is now in a heightened alert to hear the baby. Use Postpartum Sleepy Time rubbed across the shoulders and neck to get the sleep that you need.

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