Benefits of Sweating with Essential Oils

October 10th, 2012 by Meg Shehad

Cultures all over the world use sweating as a way to stay healthy and fit. Here at Gritman we have built a bamboo frame on the ground with a hole in the middle. We put blankets over the frame and add hot rocks to the hole and pour essential oil water over the rocks. Steam fills the structure. We breathe in the oils and the hot steam heats our bodies promoting sweat. Toxins are released because sweat is primarily water, salts, and waste materials.

There are other ways to promote a healthy sweat. Saunas can also add essential oil to the water that they use to produce steam.  Make sure that you hydrate to replace the water that the body is loosing.  Exercising of course produces sweat. Did you know that sweating alone burns 300 calories an hour? Sweating is a form of weight control. That’s a new insight for me.

Hot essential oil baths promote sweating especially if you wrap up in towels after the bath and allow your body to sweat freely. Adding epsom salts helps to flush toxins as well as apple cider vinegar to the bath water. Bathe for 20 minutes in the hot water, as hot as you can stand, and then move to a quiet room where you can lie, wrapped in towels, for about 1 hour. Have water or fruit juice to sip as you relax and allow your body to release that which it does not want or need.

At the first signs of not feeling well, sweat. If you use essential oils, you will increase the benefit. What essential oils are best with sweating? If you are not feeling well then you need to focus on immune boosting oils. Gritman has the blend, Immune Boost, and there are single oils that are beneficial like eucalyptus, tea tree, and ginger. Ginger essential oil can be irritating to the skin so it needs to be used sparingly to prevent skin reactions.

For cellulite get in a hot bath with sweet basil, atlas cedarwood, and grapefruit. In fact all of the citrus oils help eliminate toxins.  Once out of the bath wrap the area of concern in towels and allow it to sweat. Of course you can wrap the entire body for better results.

Hot detoxifying baths may induce a feeling of dizziness, headaches or even nausea. This is a sign that you are detoxing. Be careful getting out of the bath. Do not remain in the bath if you begin to feel unwell.  Some oils especially the spicy ones can irritate the skin if too much is used. Stop your bath if any skin irritation begins or apply a fatty oil like coconut oil to the skin, but be careful getting out of the tub as it can be slippery. Bathing with essential oils in a plastic coated tub will destroy the finish of the tub. Cast iron, marble, ceramic tubs are fine.

To maintain health, a general sweat is a great idea. Use any citrus oils, tree oils, or spicy oils like oregano, thyme, allspice, bay, or nutmeg. How many drops do I add to a tub of water? The aromatherapy answer is usually between 5-12 drops. Personally I use a lot more, but you need to find what works for you. Don’t be afraid to use more than ten drops especially if you are feeling bad.

We also like to select oils intuitively and use the Gritman Guide to tell us what the oils mean. This promotes having a mystical or spiritual experience. I love nothing more than asking the oils for help on working through a problem or help  find answers to questions on why and how the world works. I use the same procedure listed above. The difference is only that the oils are intuited. If you want to know more about intuiting essential oils, check out our Spiritual Aromatherapy Classes.



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