Angea – New Vision for New Earth – Meditation Blend

November 7th, 2017 by Meg Shehad

Angea (ann gee uh) is the name given to the New Earth that is splitting away from Gaia. There is a certain part of the population on Earth that has become aware that they create their own reality. Angea is a response not only to that awareness, but also to the enslavement of humanity through media mind control, mass events, the poisoning of the environment,  and the alienation of the natural world. We now have an opportunity to envision the earth as we want it to be. We will all have a different idea of what this will be. Your idea will be different from mine. This is as it should be.

A blend has been created to help clear the mind and body so that it can envision this new world. There may be things within ourselves that we will need to confront and decide if we want to carry it forward. I personally want to let go of the gender bias, living in a world that describes itself in terms of what is expected of women and men. I want to live in a world that is free from the battle of good and evil, winning and losing, right over wrong. I personally want to live in a world where each of us is valued as an individual with strengths and weaknesses. I want to live in a world that values artistic expression and makes the world more beautiful. I want to live in a world where I have much down time and freedom to do nothing if I so wish without being looked down upon as not productive.

It is time for all of us to make these declarations.

The next blend will be one that is meditative. It is to be diffused, wore on the body, smelled before sleeping with reaffirmations of the life and world that you want to create, or just smelled when the time is right. My sacred space is the bath tub so I am taking a bath first. Allow yourself to go into a meditative space and smell the oil at least several times a week. Every day would be great but most of us will not be able to keep that scheduled so do what you can. The more time you spend allowing the New Earth, Angea, to grow in your mind and heart, the more you will be able to create the world that you want to live in. Sit with Gaia in natural surroundings and thank her for her support. Allow her to give you ideas about the changes that she would also like to see. The natural world, as always, will be our helper in setting our intentions for this new creation.

Take advantage of the new moon and Winter Solstice. New moons are times for imagining what can be and what you want. Remember it is not your job to know how your imagination will manifest. Leave that to the Natural World. At the full moon take a blank piece of paper and put it into a window where the moon is shining through. The next morning, put it away and store until the new moon. During the time in between work with essential oils in order to help you refine and re-imagine the world you want. Then at the new moon, take out the piece of paper and write on it what you want to manifest in the new world.  Repeat this process every cycle until the Winter Solstice arrives. Use the new moons before as a sort of dress rehearsal, as the Solstice is the most powerful time to kick start your imaginings into manifestation.  Thank the Natural World for being your partner and being cooperative creators of your world and Angea’s. Together we will create the world that we want for ourselves and for the New Earth.

Oils in this blend:

Frankincense – for self empowerment and meditation giving protection and expelling negativity.

Lemon Iron Bark – for allowing all things and noninterference as we can all have our visions even though they may be different.

Cajeput – for clearing karmic sexual abuse and pain.

Peru Balsam – called the Rape Oil, allows one to move beyond victimization to self empowerment.

Citronella – a happiness oil that assists spirit to enter into the energy field and helps the physical cellular memory to release separateness allowing for good body presence and alignment.

Rosemary Cineole – releases sorrow and grief while nurturing the heart and releasing mother issues.

Let’s begin.

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Angea – Holding the Baby

November 7th, 2017 by Meg Shehad

I finished my bath series with Angea – Connecting to New Earth . The first bath was Wow and then the baths after were nice but I got a sense that I was being prepared for something. I am ready for the next step. I asked and there was no answer. I waited and asked again. The message was to hold the baby. Think of Angea as a baby, how would you raise her? Raising a baby! That’s lots of work. Parenting Angea is an enormous responsibility. Of course all children come with their own personality and sense of destiny, but parents play a role. Upside down we go from Gaia our mother to Angea the baby.

As I began to run these thoughts through my mind. I asked myself, “How do you raise a planet?” It seemed such an absurd idea. I guess you have to look at your thoughts, feelings, and actions. How do I make up my world? Is this the world I want to raise Angea? No, I want lots of changes. I want to go back to more natural times and allow technology to fall in line with a natural life. For me a natural life is one that spends time in the sun without protection, eats food grown naturally or organically from the earth, that wears clothes that are natural fibers, lives with sustainable energy, where waste products are thought of as natural resources to be recycled. So as we raise Angea, do we all need to be like minded? Of course not, that is impossible. Angea is going to have millions of parents and everyone’s thoughts will play a part. For me it was making a conscious choice and being aware that I was creating the New Earth. It is about me creating my world the way I want so that Angea can grow up in that world with me. I am just one mind and one voice. The world I create for myself and Angea will be the world that she and I live in together. You will also do the same whether you are conscious of it or not.

Humans once were stewards or librarians for Gaia. The role became distorted and we became enslaved. For Angea I want to be as free as I can be mentally, emotionally, and physically. Do you have debt? Do you take pharmaceuticals? Do you live in a community, know your neighbors, have help when you need it, and are you there for others when they need it? What about the future? Do you see yourself living a good life, able to travel or do what you want, contributing to your world in ways that make you happy and the world better, able to help others and contribute to their lives, as you grow older do you see yourself healthy and fit, do you see yourself directing your life even though the world could become chaotic, and do you see yourself living in a beautiful world and are you contributing to that beauty? Can you answer yes to these questions. If not, why not?

I could answer yes to some of these questions and knew that I was working towards some of the others. As I begin to see and feel my way through this I became very aware that the paths we choose will be very different. Just as the planet is composed of people with many different parents and many different children. The difference here is being conscious that you are part of the creation, and what you think, value, and desire is important.

I need time to think my way through all this. A meditative blend would support me tremendously. I am to be clear on my vision for myself and my world. Amy, my daughter, died a few months ago and this left me with no future. Amy was in that future and with her that vision left. For me this is timely. I am searching for new vision. Why not have Angea be part of it!? Am I too old and ready to check out or am I ready to begin anew and create a new future?

The world can be a scary place. Nazi’s can run through the streets, shooters can kill from windows high up, natural disasters can destroy everything, you can lose all that you own within a matter of seconds. Do you want to continue to live in this? Do you want this for Angea? The Earth needs our visions, our thoughts, our emotions, our money to support a conscious life style for ourselves and for her. I see us riding through these turbulent times with grace, support, happiness, and when things fail that it will be handled easily. It will turn out better than can be imagined, as all the failure has only supported the new that is coming. What is lost is reformed into what is being envisioned within our imagination right now.

So lets make that blend.


The Earth Speaks

August 21st, 2017 by Meg Shehad

We are experiencing confusion, anxiety, and troubles understanding daily occurrences.  Why and how does the world seem to have gone mad. Old fears and hates are surfacing. Why is there so much rage and anger?  We are in a transitioning period. The Earth is splitting. Gaia has housed for thousands of years high levels of trauma. Gaia is the name given to the sentient being Earth. Her experience continues to house conflict, separation, hostility, war, and stalemate. Angea, name given to the new Earth breaking away from Gaia, represents a going back to the beginning vision of Earth. Earth was meant to be a living library of all that is present within this galaxy. It is a special place where all can come and learn from each other. It is a place where the arts flourish making the world more beautiful. It represents a period of time where all that Gaia has seen and endured can be turned into compassion for oneself and for all others. Gaia allows you to experience it all both glorious and hideous. With this acknowledge, where do we go from here?

It is time to take a stand. But let us not take a stand against but for. Let us be for this planet called Angea that represents cooperation, resonance, tolerance, and allowing all things. Let us embrace Gaia and acknowledge the incredible carnage and violence that has so taken hold of her. Let us find compassion within our hearts to love and care for those that are still caught up in this divisive battle. It is time to put down the rage we feel for one another and pull forward the love we can have for one another. Let this be about being for the Earth and allowing it to bloom into a haven for peace, production, and possibilities.

It appears to us that Gaia is going forward and will probably become a borg planet. The people will be outfitted with electronics that they have bought and will find themselves enslaved within that technology. It will happen slowly until the wrists, arms, and head will be outfitted with the newest and best technology. They will become controlled and manipulated by it. It will be Angea’s challenge to allow technology but to allow it to be a helpmate and not an enslaver.

Some are calling for Unity Consciousness. Borg is unity consciousness, so let us be careful of our words and thoughts. We have long lived within a very controlled earth. We are told what is good and right by our parents, our schools, our churches, and our society. We are not allowed to listen to the voice within that may see a different path or one that may appear to be “wrong.” For most of us we have stopped listening to ourselves. We are trying to be the best people we know how to be living up to their standards. Because of this, standing up and finding our vision for the New Earth may be more difficult. For Angea unity consciousness can  mean that we have tolerance and allow for differences. Our awareness expands. This awareness will be different for each. There is no right or wrong answer here. Differences within a greater unifying field are encouraged, allowed, and seen as beneficial and strengthening to the whole. We are all people of the Earth. Just which earth do you want to live upon?

The world as we look at it now appears to have gone crazy. No matter what political affiliation, things are not  going the way that we wish. This confusion signals that the separation is happening. The two worlds are splitting. It is time to get that we no longer need to rally against but stand up for what we want and what we want to envision. Allow it all and have compassion for it all. It is time to honor the nobody that you are within the unique divine expression that you are. You are very special and at the same time just an ordinary person. You have your unique vision. You may see those that you love choose different visions and paths. Allow and let them go as they will allow and let you go. It is time to stand up for what you want. Which path are you on?

To help, we have created with much help from the essential oils a blend called Connecting to the New Earth. It has within it:

Cistus – balance the male and female within as there is much too much imbalance within the world. This can be seen as the greater principle of yin and yang and that the world and we as individuals are out of balance because our world is out of balance.

Lemon Iron Bark – allow allow allow and find the strength to do nothing. It speaks to interference however much it is well intended. Bad things can have greater good consequences and to interfere is to stop the good consequences.

Pine – recognizes the consciousness expansion and allows for grounding so that the energetic body may fill with light while the physical body grounds and prevents craziness.

Fir Needle Silver – balances receiving and giving or another way to see yin and yang and compliments Cistus. Now is not the time to sacrifice yourself for another. Giving to yourself while you receive from the universe is a new definition of this oil.

Tagetes – Our will to do good can be just a prison of negative or overbearing should’s and ought’s. Tagetes will help release your mind so that you are free to seek expanding awareness and grow out of old ideas that will keep you in “your place.”

Cabreuva – Quit your bitching oil which means look at what is going right and acknowledge and enjoy that. Everything will fall into place as you wish but spend your time on what is going right in your world and ignore the rest.

Blue Musk – Surely this does not belong as it is synthetic. There is a place for all things and that includes synthetics. This musk appeals to our animal nature. The sweaty, carnal passion of life with all its desires. Some would say evil or perhaps just the pleasure of the flesh or being human in 3D.

Winter Spice (Clove, Nutmeg, and Coriander) Clove releases negative attachments allowing for the true self to emerge, Nutmeg is the oil of wisdom so that what seemed unacceptable is understood with higher awareness, and Coriander instills a sense of self esteem regardless of the journey or experience as it is all good.

Use in 7 baths, 7 days apart, for 7 weeks  (be careful that the bath tub is able to handle essential oils) OR

Use in a shower as a spray for 49 days Or

Use in a massage for 14 weeks

If you have any questions, please feel free to respond to the blog or send us an email at


Macerations Modern Approach to Essential Oils

August 13th, 2017 by Meg Shehad

What the heck are macerations? It can get confusing. I like to think that infusions mean water soluble while macerations mean fat soluble. The secret behind herbal medicine is to know where the medicine is and how is it soluble. Most herbal medicine is devoted to alcohol and water soluble medicine while aromatherapy is concerned with fat soluble medicine.

Let’s take St John’s Wort. It is known to be a powerful  anti-depressant. The medicine is in the flower and it is fat soluble. If you are drinking a tea of St. John’s wort, it is not going to help you with depression. If you are using an oil that has a red color to it, then you are using the maceration of St. John’s Wort and it will help you with depression. To make things more complicated, the essential oil of St. John’s Wort, is not an anti-depressant. The chemical hypericin in the plant is thought to contribute to its anti-depressing powers, but this molecule is too large to be distilled. The flowers must be soaked in fat until the color turns red. Not all St. John Wort flowers contain hypericin thus the need to check the color. Once the fatty oil is separated from the flowers, you have a maceration.

Macerations do not have high scent value. Most aromatherapists judge essential oils on their scent. If you are use to working with essential oils, it is important not to devalue macerations because they do not smell as strong. It is only natural to think that the oil is not strong or will not work well because it smells weak. This is just not true. Since the maceration has all the fat soluble properties of the plant, it is a much more powerful product than just an essential oil. The added bonus is that you do not need to worry about using a carrier because there is already fatty oil in the bottle. It can be safely used directly from the bottle.

The next question is how do you use it? It is safe to drop onto the skin, use in a bath, and it can be ingested. Ingestion is always tricky and must be researched before taking internally. Some macerations and essential oils can interfere with pharmaceuticals causing reactions that may be good and may be harmful. Never take a substance internally unless you know the side effects. With St. John’s Wort, there could be issues around serotonin in the brain especially if you are taking other antidepressants. Since there is not much smell, putting the bottle under your nose or in a diffuser is not going to be that effective. A massage, rubbing onto the back of the neck, onto the bottom of the feet, under the arms, can be effective ways of using the maceration.

Once you get use to the fact that a maceration is not that smelly but delicate and powerful, a whole new world of plant medicine will open to you. There are many plants that provide fat soluble medicine. One way to tell is if there is fragrance or essential oils that are always fat soluble. Any plant with a scent will have fat soluble medicine. Gritman makes a variety of macerations. Some research will reveal plants like calendula with little scent can make very powerful macerations especially if you are treating skin issues.

Look around. What do you have growing in your garden or the park next door? What is right in front of you that you could be making macerations? Of course now you want to know how to make them. We have a free “how-to” on our online classes. Making Macerations Take a look and find out.

Roman Chamomile Commonly Exquisite

July 16th, 2017 by Meg Shehad

Everyone uses Roman Chamomile. Johnson and Johnson uses it in their baby products. Massage therapists use it for its calming, antispasmodic and sedative properties. Aromatherapists use it for red dry skin, anxiety, headaches, stress, colic, and a rescue remedy for asthma. In fact it is so common that it is often just referred to as Chamomile. This is despite there are several other chamomiles on the market such as Blue/German Chamomile, Moroccan Chamomile, and Wild Chamomile to name the most popular ones. Most will tell you that they are really all interchangeable but this is not true.

Roman Chamomile is distinctly a very special oil. It is made primarily of esters and acids. Most essential oils do not have acids in them because acids are water soluble. Essential oils are fat soluble. Roman Chamomile has managed to hold onto a few of its acids. This is why.

Esters are made in distillation from alcohols and acids. When the ester forms it also forms some water. When there are esters present there is also water present. The acids now have a medium to carry them. This is a very delicate balance. I bet most of you have seen a lavender go sour. It smells like vinegar. This happens when water enters the bottle and upsets the balance. More acid occurs which in lavender’s case is vinegar or ascetic acid.

Roman Chamomile has a special acid called Angelic Acid which is a sedative. Esters are also sedatives so Roman Chamomile is ideally suited to sleep related disorders.  Tiglic Acid and  Methacrylic acid are also found in Roman Chamomile which tend to have a nice scent. Blue or German Chamomile is not known for its good scent. Blue Chamomile is highly anti-inflammatory while Roman Chamomile is not. Blue Chamomile is highly antimicrobial while Roman Chamomile is not but it is anti-fungal which the blue is not.

Now for color. Do not believe the books when they tell you that Roman Chamomile is clear to yellow. That is another chamomile altogether. It is probably the Wild or Moroccan Chamomile which is yellow, but Roman Chamomile is clear to light blue. It is the color of the sky on a clear day. The blue is chamazulene which it shares with Blue or German Chamomile and this is an anti-inflammatory. Sometimes Roman Chamomile produces no blue at all. I have talked with distillers and they are clueless on why some years it is blue and others it is not. Without the blue, Roman Chamomile has no anti-inflammatory properties.

It is only the blue oils that have the anti-inflammatory properties. They take the red out. There are two famous blue chamomiles. One is called Blue or German Chamomile. It is not from Germany but probably Egypt or Hungary. The Germans like to drink their Roman Chamomile as it tastes of green apple and use the essential oil of Blue Chamomile. Blue Tansy is also called Blue Chamomile or Moroccan Chamomile to make things even more confusing. The Blue Tansy seems to be a combination of esters like the Roman and blue  with anti-inflammatory properties. It smells delightful but sadly it really is not a true chamomile.

All chamomiles are suppose to work with stress. This may be true but they do it differently. One way I like to look at it is Roman Chamomile is used for stress coming at you from outside sources. The Blue Chamomiles are used for internal stress. The stress is one that you are creating. It is you creating the deadline and not your boss. If the fear is real as a bear is really charging at you, use Roman Chamomile. If you are just afraid that the bear might charge you and there is no bear in sight, use blue chamomile.

Although, Roman Chamomile is said to be safe for infants and children. There are warnings against using Roman Chamomile for the first few months of pregnancy. It seems that this chamomile has an effect on the menstrual cycle and there is concern that it could cause problems in the early months. It is best to avoid Roman Chamomile in the early stages of pregnancy. It is best to be safe.

My favorite story about Roman Chamomile happened when Amy and I were doing a birth expo in Houston. One young mother came by with a crying baby on her back. This young boy was screaming at the tops of his lungs. He was incredibly unhappy. I asked the Mom if I could put some Roman Chamomile on the bottom of his feet. I think she had long since stopped hearing him. When I place the chamomile on his feet, it took only a second. He stopped crying and looked directly at me with the most loving look. If he could have hugged me, he would have. He fell asleep immediately and slumped down into the back pack. The Mom did not notice. I put the chamomile in her purse, and we both hoped that she would find it later.

Roman Chamomile has the ability to calm even the most upset. It has angelic notes passing through it. It is rare and beautiful. When you are in the presence of this chamomile, you are in the presence of the angels.

2017 Gritman Newsletter

January 23rd, 2017 by Meg Shehad

Lots of changes here at Gritman, but when has there not been. We love just seeing how things unfold. We sometimes have plans and move forward to have them completely change and shift. Can be frustrating, but exciting at the same time.

We are moving beyond essential oils and creating a community here something Meg and Amy have been wanting to do for years. Last year we had Lukah a wonderful permaculturist plant the seeds literally and figuratively making this possible. With large amounts of clearing, planting, and mushroom growing.



Amy has come back to Gritman and living as well as working. Her goal is to create a tiny house community. We are in the planning stages with this. She is learning wood working and how to incorporate the bamboo into this build. She also has plans for an outdoor commercial kitchen/food truck where we will offer brunch either on Saturday or Sunday once a week. We would like to start opening Gritman to the community. We want this beauty and energy for everyone and not just for the few. If you have any expertise or interest to help please contact her at



Gritman Family


Sadly, Olivia left us last Fall. She wanted to pursue other goals. We miss her every day and wish her well. She was a beautiful addition to Gritman and it was nice to have some more female energy here.

Michael is still with us, and is going into his 3rd year with us. Sadly, he lost his father to terminal cancer last September. I am glad he had us as second family to lean on. He looks forward to building his own customer base here. I would love to see him pursue chemistry and testing for us as well as for other small essential oil businesses. It is badly needed in the industry. I look forward to seeing what he does decide to do.


Natalie is going into her 2nd year with us. We first thought she would do farmer’s markets with us. However it looks like her gifts were more in social media and graphic design. She runs our Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instragram accounts as well as create our newsletters monthly, beta testing all of our online classes, and other graphic design projects. She has become such an asset to us. She is also studying in a holistic health practitioner program, at the end will get licensed as a holistic nutritionist.




One of our newest addition is Mitchell! He has been in the Gritman Community for several years now and was just waiting for an opening. He has become a wonderful addition to the everyday running of Gritman. He will also be present at the Friendswood Farmer’s Market the first Saturday of each month selling products that come from our farm. He has great know how and drive. He is interested in helping Amy build the tiny house community too.





Scott another friend of Michael’s and Mitchell’s, and 2nd newest addition has been helping with cultivating the mushrooms that were first started with  Taylor and Lucah. Scott is a smart, funny, strong capable person and just sees us as family. Glad he wants to be apart of things here.









It also looks like Romina (seen here picking Goldenrod for our Fall distilling), Mitchell’s girlfriend will be coming here to help on the farm and when Mitchell finishes his tiny house. She wants to live there as well as raise chickens for us.

New  Additions and  What is Back




We were able to procure more and it looks like Amy may have established a direct connection again with Morocco. So we will hopefully not be out in the future,

Roman Chamomile that we procured from our 5th generation distiller in Oregon is probably the best we have ever seen. It actually has a light blue color very rare for it to have this high of chamazulene content in it, The cost did go up, but this is a superior Roman Chamomile and does not come around often.

Rue Essential Oil is also back probably the best we have ever smelled. Amy was able to work directly with a Bulgarian supplier to bring it to us,

We were contacted by Japanese Distiller who offers Hinoki Essential Oil  and Yuzu. Hinoki is a type of Japanese Cypress. We will have more details about it later.  This Japanese Yuzu is the best smelling Yuzu I have ever come across.  (We still have a small stock of the old Yuzu) Keep your eyes open coming this Spring.

Last Fall, we were able to distill Goldenrod finally,



Oh in February we will be moving to a cloud based ecommerce site and will also have capabilities to mobile access. We will probably do a complete redesign of the interface too.



Stomach Virus Oils For Adults & Children

December 29th, 2016 by Natalie

stomach ache

Nobody enjoys catching the stomach bug. It’s miserable, you don’t know how long it will last, and there is just not much you can do about it except treat the symptoms that accompany it. It can be even harder when families catch it! It just makes its rounds which can make for a very tired and grumpy situation. I’m going to go over how you can use essential oils to help ease the symptoms of stomach virus/food poisoning/stomach bug/etc…


First we are going to go over what is good to use for symptoms with adults:


Diarrhea: Blue Chamomile, Ginger, Roman Chamomile, Peppermint, Sweet Marjoram, Sandalwood, and Linalool Thyme.

Nausea/Vomiting: Allspice, German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Fennel, Ginger, Nutmeg, Rose, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Geranium, and Cardamon.

Applications: These essential oils can be used in a compress over the abdomen. Fill a bowl with warm water and a few drops of essential oil of your choice, soak a wash cloth in the bowl and ring out. Apply the warm compress to the abdomen. Another way to use them is to dilute the essential oils of choice in a carrier such as fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil and massage over the stomach in a clockwise motion around the belly button. You can also massage into the lower back. Alternatively, you can make a personal inhaler with 15 drops of your choice to the wick to help ease the symptoms. Many people also enjoy taking a warm bath with the essential oils. If you do this, please make sure you have properly diluted the essential oils because some of them can be skin sensitizing. Another way to use these essential oils is to diffuse in a diffuser or make a mist spray.



Diarrhea: Blue Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Peppermint, Lavender, Sandalwood, Ginger, Geranium

Nausea/Vomiting: Ginger, Peppermint, Geranium, Lavender

Applications: MAKE SURE YOU PROPERLY DILUTE FOR CHILDREN! You can make a warm compress to put on the abdomen by placing a few drops of essential oils into a bowl of warm water, soak a wash cloth in the bowl and ring out. Apply the warm compress to the abdomen. These essential oils can also be used in massage by properly diluting in a carrier oil, and massage on the abdomen in a clockwise motion around the belly button and can also be massaged into the lower back. You can also make a personal inhaler with 15 drops of essential oils of your choice which is more convenient for children because they can smell it as needed to help ease their symptoms. Or, you can diffuse a few drops in a diffuser or make a mist spray.


  • Upset Stomach: 3 drops Roman Chamomile, 2 drops Ginger, 2 drops Peppermint. Diffuse, personal inhaler, or use topically (diluted) over abdomen. Massage in a clockwise motion.
  • Diarrhea Blend: 5 drops Ginger, 2 drops Peppermint, 7 drops Sandalwood, 8 drops Roman Chamomile. Diffuse, personal inhaler, or use topically (diluted) over abdomen. Massage in a clockwise motion.
  • Diarrhea Blend: 3 drops Linalool Thyme, 2 drops Lavender, 3 drops Peppermint. Diffuse, personal inhaler, or use topically (diluted) over abdomen. Massage in a clockwise motion.


Other essential oils that are good to focus on when dealing with a stomach virus, is anti-viral and anti-bacterial oils. You can make a mist spray with them, clean hard surfaces with them, or diffuse them in a room to help rid of germs.

Anti-viral: Oregano, Winter Savory, Bandit’s Blend, Rosewood, Patchouli, Orange, Elemi, Cinnamon Leaf, Lemon Eucalyptus, Lime, Sweet Marjoram

Anti-bacterial: Kunzea, Elemi, Bandit’s Blend, Oregano, Cinnamon Leaf, Eucalyptus 80/85, Frankincense, Geranium, Sweet Marjoram, Neroli




There's How Many Lavenders?

December 29th, 2016 by Natalie

Lavender…. A very popular and well-known word amongst the majority of people. You can buy lavender lotions, bubble baths, epsom salts, pillows….. There is an endless supply of merchandise that has lavender in it. But, did you know, there are different types of lavender essential oil? And each one is a bit chemically different than the other.


So let’s take a look at the different lavender essential oils that Gritman carries currently.

That’s quite a few different lavenders isn’t it? Well no worries! I am here to explain the differences to you so you can make the best choice for whatever you need it for.

So let’s start off with Spike Lavender, what do we know about it? Spike Lavender (Lavandin latifolia) is also called Aspic or Broad-Leaved Lavender. It comes from the Lamiaceae (mint) family of plants and is indigenous to France & Spain. Spike Lavender has more of a harsher scent than the other lavenders. This is not the lavender you would want to use for calming properties as it is actually does quite the opposite and can be stimulating. Spike Lavender has a higher 1,8-cineole count which makes it a suitable essential oil to use for coughs and congestion. Spike Lavender is not recommended to use during pregnancy.

Next, we move on to Bulgarian Lavender. Bulgarian Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia, L. officinalis) also is from the Lamiaceae (mint) plant family and is indigenous to the Meditterranean. This specific lavender has a more spicier scent than other lavenders and is a good choice if you are trying to find a good median among the other lavenders. Overall, Bulgarian Lavender is an all-around good lavender. Since Bulgarian Lavender is distilled at a higher altitude than the former Spike Lavender, it has been distilled at a few degrees lower so the distillation process takes a bit longer. When this happens, the ester counts are a bit higher which gives it that sedative/calming effect. So Bulgarian Lavender would be a good choice to use to promote sleep or during stressful times so you can calm yourself. Bulgarian Lavender is safe to use during pregnancy, but do not use it with preperations containing iodine or iron.

Now onto French Lavender, which is also known as Lavender 40/42. French Lavender is a perfume standard, which means it is highly used in the perfumery industry and for making products such as soaps, candles, lotions, linen sprays, etc. The 40/42 refers to the ratio of linalool and linalyl acetate. This essential oil is very popular as this is the lavender scent that many people are familiar with from it being used to scent various products. It is not recommended to use this specific lavender for therapeutic uses as it is mainly used for perfumery and scenting products. Because of the 40/42 ratio of linalool and linalyl acetate, it is often adulterated with synthetic constituents.

Albanian Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia, L. officinalis) is indigenous to the Mediterranean and comes from Albania. Albanian Lavender is a very gentle lavender and is lower in esters than Bulgarian Lavender. This lavender is a popular choice to use for aiding in sleep. This is a safe essential oil to use during pregnancy and with children.

Next, we have Lavandin (Lavandula hybrida, Lavandula x intermedia, L. hortensis) which is also commonly called Bastard Lavender. Lavandin is actually a hybrid of lavender and spike lavender. Lavandin grows larger than true lavender so it yields a larger amount of essential oil which makes it a cheaper option also. Lavandin is also an ester and contains linalyl acetate and linalool, but also contains cineol, camphene, pinene, and camphor. Lavandin has a sharper scent to it so it is also popularly used in product making, and the addition of camphor to it, unlike the other lavenders, makes it a popular choice to use for easing sore muscles and helping aid anxiety and stress. It is advised to avoid use of Lavandin during early pregnancy.

Now we have Northwest Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia, L. vera, L. officinalis) which is also commonly called English Lavender, Garden Lavender, or Common Lavender. Northwest Lavender is a combination of Lavandin, Bulgarian Lavender, and Tasmanian Lavender (Gritman does not carry Tasmanian). Northwest Lavender is indigenous to the Mediterranean but is produced in the USA, France, and Spain. Many people use this blend of lavenders to ease headaches and relieve tension. Northwest Lavender is safe during pregnancy, but do not use it with preparations containing iodine or iron.

Last, but not least, we have our newest addition Highland Lavender (Lavandula vera, L. augustifolia, L. officinalis). Highland Lavender is also commonly called Lavender Maillette. This lavender is distilled at high altitudes in France and has the highest linalool count at almost 32% and linalyl acetate at around 46%. With these counts, it makes Highland Lavender a great choice for calming stress or anxiety and promoting a good nights sleep. This lavender is safe to use during pregnancy, but do not use it with preparations containing iodine or iron.


Overall, most people enjoy lavender and its wonderful properties and aroma. I hope you got some great information about the differences in lavenders!


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Clearing Negative Energy

December 26th, 2016 by Natalie


Clearing Negative Energy

There are multiple different ways you can clear negative energy from your aura, or even a room. Have you ever walked into a room and it just felt “off” or heavy or just dragged down? You can clear this negative energy using essential oils.

When clearing negative energy, the first thing you need to do is create an intention. You want to make known your intention that you want only positive energy in the area and you welcome positive energy. All negative energy shall be ridden. Release the negative energy from the space.

Use a diffuser or make a room spray with essential oils that are used for clearing negative energy. Here is a list of some you can use. *Please keep in mind your own health/children/pets/etc when doing this. When clearing negative energy, it is best for nobody to be in the space.

  • Angel Light Blend (Gritman exclusive)
  • Juniper Berry
  • Lavender
  • Cypress
  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh
  • Sage
  • Cedarwood
  • Palo Santo
  • Sandalwood
  • Rosemary
  • Black Spruce
  • Lemon Verbena

Aromatherapy Definitions

December 15th, 2016 by Natalie

I put together some memes for everybody which defines a lot of the words used to describe the essential oil properties when you are looking up what an oil is used for. Feel free to share them or save them as personal reference! These are NOT ALL of the terms that are used in the aromatherapy industry, but it does cover quite a few of them.


aromatherapy definitions A aromatherapy definitions BCD aromatherapy definitions E-M aromatherapy definitions N-V