Wine Pairings & Essential Oil

How to Taste Wines with Essential Oils
1. Taste the wine you want to explore with the essential oils. What are your impressions of it? Can you taste the tannins, woodsy notes, floral, or fruit impressions.
2. Then decide which category of essential oils you would like to relate to the wine: Sweet, Savory, Citrus or Spice.
3. Now select from that category the essential oil you would like to smell from the list.
4. There are two ways to smell the essential oils and taste the wine.

First is the obvious, uncap the bottle and put the essential oil up to your nose then taste the wine. Or.....
Take a taste of wine, hold it in your mouth,
and smell the essential oil at the same time.

I find the second method more effective for receiving the impressions of the wine.

5. Did smelling that particular essential oil enhance the impressions of the wine?
To answer this: When the essential oil does enhance the wine, the wine tastes better. When it does not, there can be bitterness or twang to the taste that was not there before smelling the essential oil.
6. Lastly, don’t forget to clean your palette between experimenting with each oil. You can do this by smelling coffee beans or eating a cracker.

More Ideas for Wine Pairing with Essential Oils
Before lighting the candles at your dinner party, take the essential oils chosen to compliment with the wine and drop into the well of the candle. Light the candle. The oil will diffuse into the air. This becomes an easy and subtle way to disperse the oil (NEVER DROP ESSENTIAL OILS ONTO A LIT CANDLE).

Use a ceramic or electric diffuser either to disperse the oil in a large area or room while wine is being tasted.

Use big decanters or snifters to feature the essential oil for smelling. (Most of the time these are clear so you would need to keep them in a cool, dark area. A wine cellar would be perfect!)