Menopause, Essential Oils and Women of Power

Menopause is associated with pain, discomfort, and fear. The body experiences itself in new ways and this is often accompanied with discomfort. A woman fears that she will loose her looks, her desirability, her usefulness, her sexual desire, her husband, her home, her life. She can look forward to cancer, bone loss, hypertension, and heart disease. Our culture does not paint a rosy picture for women and menopause. One has to wonder why our culture wants to scare us so.

Perhaps it has to do with women coming into their power. Menopause marks the death of the mother and the birth of the crone or wise woman. This is when latent spiritual and healing abilities begin to bloom. This brings responsibilities, new choices, and fear surrounding this new growth potential. Our culture would be very happy for us to avoid this dilemma and become focused on osteoporosis and replacing our hormones. Why would a culture want to keep their women preoccupied with illness instead of empowerment? In Europe women use to wear black to signify that they were in menopause. Notice that witches or women of power are seen in black. At whatever level you have to go, we are afraid of powerful women.

This paper wants to stimulate you to think of menopause differently. Menopause is just not a health treat but a time to enter into a glorious period of enthusiasm, energy, and power.

Truly menopause is a time of loss. It is not a loss of beauty or sexual desirability but it is the loss of the ability to produce blood. This blood has no energy connection with violence. Blood that is fully energized to give life and support life. Think for a moment on how we get blood. It is often through pain or incision into the body. It is often associated with violence or malice. A woman's blood from menstruation is blood that can be poured onto the earth to heal and nourish. It is the blood that gives life. This blood is as energized as spring water is. At menopause a woman can no longer create this blood.

As she mourns this loss, she can begin to realize that she still is a healing, nourishing, and energizing being. Now she can realize it through her whole being and not just one aspect. She can become the gift to herself, her partner, her family, and her world. It is her choice. How she chooses to see her choices will determine how she lives out the rest of her life.

As we move into this new position of power and freedom, we move through many fears. First we have to examine what cultural fears we have taken on. We must clear them knowing that they were placed there to control and limit us. Then we must mourn the passing of ourselves. Then we must confront our own issues of power and why this is truly the fear that we must overcome. As it may be a fear that has been built upon generations upon generations. Essential oils along with exercise, good nutrition including cold pressed oils like flaxseed, evening primrose, and borage, and herbals can become a part of a woman's process to transition through this change. Here are a few suggestions to get you through a critical and rewarding stage in your life.

Meditation for Menopause Birth into Power

Relax. Light a candle or create your sacred space. Menopause is like being pregnant except instead of birthing another human being you are birthing yourself. When you are pregnant with child, you think of what the child will be and what you need to prepare for the child's birth. Think about whom you are becoming and what you need to do to prepare. Just sit for a moment and ponder whom you are birthing.

Women when they are pregnant with child need extra food and extra nutrients. What do you need to feed yourself? Is it food? Think for a moment on what you need to nourish your body - it may not be food at all.

Now close your eyes and begin to relax your body............... Relax your mind....................... Feel what it is like to be pregnant with yourself. Sit in your feelings. Be your feelings.

As you sit with yourself, ask for a symbol for your new self. Accept without question what you are given. Now imagine yourself birthing or giving form to a new you. What do you see, hear, or feel? Is there a smell to the new you? Take the symbol of the new you and hold it as you would a baby and tell yourself, I am glad you are born, I am glad you are a girl, You are so perfect just they way you are. I am here for you. I have prepared the way. Thank you for coming from me. I will fade and you will grow strong. Remember me. I am so happy you are here.

Before you open your eyes, take a moment to be with the new idea of you. Feel out the power of this new you. Rejoice in all that you have done to get you to this place.

Essential Oils associated with Menopause:

Basil, Sweet Geranium Petitgrain Rose
Chamomile Grapefruit Rosewood Orange
Clary Sage Jasmine Marjoram, Sweet Red Thyme
Coriander Lavender Niaouli  
Cypress Lime Nutmeg  
Fennel Peppermint Sage  

Essential Oils associated with Ayurvedic Medicine and Menopause:

Vata - experiences increased anxiety, nervousness, anemia, leg cramps, headaches, irritability, and dissatisfaction with present relationship. These oils in a bath, massage, and diffused will help with these symptoms. You can also add them to your skin lotion or cream, shampoos, creme rinses, and douches. Some can be used in teas or in your food

Angelica Ginger Rosewood Vetiver
Cedarwood, Himalayan Carrot Seed Seaweed Exercise- Tai Chi and Yoga
Clary, Sage Spikenard Sandalwood  
Davana Rose St. John's Wort  

- experience anger, frustration, extreme hot flashes, loss of energy, loss of focus, frequent periods, severe flooding, extreme sweating, menopausal acne and even hair loss. These oils in a bath, massage, diffused will help with these symptoms. You can also add them to your skin lotion or cream, shampoos, creme rinses, and douches. Some can be used in teas or in your food

Clary Sage Champaca Lavender Sandalwood
Melissa Lemon Peppermint Yarrow
Rose Lemongrass Myrtle Exercise-Swimming

- experience fluid retention, swelling, breast tenderness, fibroids, crying jags, loneliness, and fatigue. These oils in a bath, massage, and diffused will help with these symptoms. You can also add them to your skin lotion or cream, shampoos, creme rinses, and douches. Some can be used in teas or in your food.

Cypress Clary Sage Geranium Bay
Sage Orange    

Exercise - Hot baths to encourage perspiration, aerobic dance or exercise

Essential Oils associated with clearing fear and increasing power:

Allspice Copaiba Balsam Lavender, Stoechas Blue Tansy
Amyris Coriander Lemongrass, Indian Wild Tansy
Anise Davana Niaouli Tarragon
Anise Raven Blue Malle Eucalyptus Onion Valerian Root
Star Anise Fennel Patchouli Violet Leaves
Artemisia Arborescens Frankincense Petitgrain, Bigarde Wormwood, Sweet Annie
Exotic Basil Gurjum Sage, Clary Wormwood
Texas Cedarwood Hops Sandalwood  
Cinnamon Jasmine Seaweed  
Champaca Juniper Storax  

These oils can be used within meditation, baths, infused, misted, or in massage. Care needs to be taken when using these oils. Scared Space needs to be set up and careful attention to your guides needs to be observed. These oils can take you "off line" and time may need to be provided for processing the information or healing. If fear does become an issue, make sure you have a support system in place to monitor your progress.

Choose the appropriate oils for yourself by intuitive selection or have a therapist make the selection for you. Make sure to check if there are flower essences or other oils that you may need to use along with these oils. Often there may be a need for you to drink water before you begin or to do a clearing of the energy in your space. If working with nature spirits and devas also make sure they have what ever they need before you start.

Remedies for Symptoms

Essential Oil Patch
You can take any of the oils listed above and create an essential oil patch. Soak a cotton ball or gauze in ten or more drops of fractionated cotton oil and add a few drops (no more than 5) of the essential oil of your choice. Place the patches directly over the ovaries, just above the pubic bone, using adhesive tape to hold them against the skin. You may change this twice a day. Prepared bandages can be used in stead of the cotton ball and adhesive.

Vaginal Massage
This is a simple but highly effective technique. Vaginal muscles tend to loose their tone as they thin out. A gentle massage with the fingertips dipped into a fixed oil and essential oils chosen from the lists above will provide relief. This is also good for dry vaginas or painful intercourse. This can be a playful technique to use with your partner.

Hot Flashes
Avoid tea, coffee, and alcohol and include evening primrose
Add 10 drops Clary Sage Essential Oil
11 drops Geranium Essential Oil
7 drops Lemon Essential Oil
2 drops Sage Essential Oil
To Warm Bath Water
To 1oz fractionated coconut oil to massage onto body

Add 4 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
To 1 Quart Water
Shake well twice a day for two days. Keep the water refrigerated. After the two days, pour the peppermint water into smaller bottles. Put this in your purse along with a small cloth. When you are out and you have a hot flash. Wet the cloth with a small amount of the water and apply to face and the back of the neck. Drink the rest of the water. It will cool you off.

Night Sweats
Add 10 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil
10 drops Lime Essential Oil
5 drops Sage
5 drops Thyme Essential Oil
To Warm Bath
To 1oz fractionated coconut oil to massage onto body

Water Retention and Bloating
Add 15 drops Lemon Essential Oil
5 drops Fennel Essential Oil
5 drops Juniper Essential OIl
5 drops Peppermint
To Warm Bath
To 1oz Fractionated coconut oil and massage into abdominal area and lower back

Herbs considered good for menopause. Use in teas: raspberry leaves, false unicorn root, motherwort, vitex, wild jam root, and licorice root.