Flu Prevention with Essential Oils

Flu can hit suddenly and tends to be more severe in the lungs than in the nose, which is one way to tell the flu from a cold. Viruses cause them both. Antibiotics will not help cure a cold or flu. Antibiotics will help with secondary infections that usually breed in the mucous associated with the flu or cold.

Symptoms: Fever, Muscle aches, Headaches, Loss of appetite, Dizzy Feeling, Fatigue

Flu Prevention
The nose is your first defense against invading organisms. The nose can do its job of filtering and stopping invasion as long as the air is within 107 - 64 degrees. Overheated or extremely dry rooms (associated with winter) can create difficulties for the nose and compromise its ability to cleanse the air you breathe. Cold, overheated, or moist feet reduce circulation in the mucous membranes and lower the oxygen supply that lowers the antibodies in the mucus - infection can result.

Try the following essential oils:

Niaouli Essential Oil
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Rosalina Essential Oil
Cypress Essential Oil
Spike Lavender Essential Oil

External: Baths, Saunas, Showers, Inhalation, Rubs
Internal: Dropped in back of throat, or in tea

Washing your hands and keeping them clean is another major defense against the flu. You cannot wash your hands enough. Carry towelettes when you are unable to wash your hands. Be careful leaving restrooms as the doorknob can be infected. Towelettes or paper towel from drying your hands can be used to open the door and discarded in a waste can outside.

Use Rosalina on towelettes for added protection
Use Tea Tree or Niaouli in liquid hand soap dispensers and kitchen liquid soap for hands and dishes.

Oils that strengthen the Immune System

Frankincense Essential Oil
Rosemary Verbenone
Eucalyptus oils high in cineole

These oils can be diffused at home or work. They can be blended into a bath formula where you take a bath with these oils once a week. The proportions can vary depending on what you like.

Immune Strengthening Bath and Sauna
Add the following to warm water (bath or sauna):
4 drops Rosalina
2 drops Eucalyptus
2 drops Bergamot

You want to sweat. The sweating helps to detox and strengthen the body. After bath wrap up in towels and sweat.

Immune Strengthening Showers
Schnabelt Shower
NiaouliNiaouli and Tea TreeNiaouli, Tea Tree, Lavender

Before stepping into your shower, chose one of the combinations above. Apply 5-20 drops of oil on your skin. Step into the shower. Take a loofah glove and rub the oils into the skin especially down the arms and legs. Turn the warm water on and let it rinse you as you relax. This will leave you refreshed and invigorated. Best to do this in the mornings.

Pineol Shower

10 parts Cajeput
3 parts Tea Tree
1 part Rosemary chemotype camphor or cineole
1 part Black Spruce

Step into a warm shower. Allow the warm water to warm your body. Turn the water off. Drop five drops of the above blend into your palm and quickly rub into chest and onto arms. Rinse and breathe in the vapors.

Another option is to take your shower and when you get out, dry and apply oils on the chest and arms. Loofah the arms.

If you have any problems with oils such as itching or burning, it is best to apply the oils to the bottom of the feet. The oils can be applied directly to the soles of the feet and they can be rubbed together as you would rub your palms.

Penoel Evening Massage
4 parts Lavender essential oil
1.5 parts Petitgrain essential oil
.5 parts Geranium essential oil
.2 parts Ylang-Ylang essential oil

Work this blend into the shoulders and neck. Relaxation is an important part of strengthening the immune system. Allow stress or concerns from the day to dissolve.

Foods to consider
Eating a raw clove of garlic every day. You can put it in salsa, guacamole, or on raw tomatoes. Walnuts and Brazil nuts also strengthen the system and help to defend against infection.